How To Successfully Ruin Your Reputation As A Watch Seller

1695312051 How To Successfully Ruin Your Reputation As A Watch Seller

By ruining your reputation when you are selling watches, you are on the right path not to be able to sell any more watches. The world of watch trading is not as vast as you might think. Many people know each other, and they want to make sure that people who showed particular behavior while making deals with other people are not going to be able to sell any other watches. By ruining the reputation for themselves, they are making it much harder for the reputable sellers to sell more watches. That’s one of the reasons many great watch traders try to help each other to protect the ethics in this business.

You can think of this way if you go to a restaurant and they offer you great food and service, but you get terrible food with horrible service, the message will spread like wildfire especially with the use of Yelp and other social media channels.

The same applies to the watch world. You have to do what’s right, or your journey as a watch seller will not last too long.

Hiding the actual condition of the watch

By hiding the exact condition of the watch, you might get on the right path of being unpopular in the watch world. If you ever hide any facts such as the watch does not keep time, aftermarket parts, dings on the glass and such you will succeed very soon to ruin your reputation.

Yes, there are times that you did not know about some aftermarket parts because the person you have bought the watch from did not know. You, as the watch seller, should get familiar with the type of watch you are selling. There are many great resources online, which helps you identify if you are having all genuine watch. When it comes to vintage watches, the task is much harder, and I would recommend to ask vintage experts for an opinion or learn everything you can about the watch by joining watch forums or different online resources.

Got Paid for the watch but never shipped it

Some of you might have experienced this situation. You have paid for the timepiece, but there is no tracking number, nor signs of getting the watch. You are starting to panic because you paid by the wire. Yes, when you pay by the wire, you should double, and triple check the reputation of the seller, because getting the money back is almost impossible.

There might be many reasons why the watch was not shipped to you, but sometimes, the reasons are legitimate, but if you ever take too long to ship the watch, be prepared that the chance of you selling a luxury watches is getting close to zero.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If you are dealing with a person, who is coming up with many reasons, why he can’t do certain things, such as take a new picture of the watch, connect with you over the phone or social media, there is a chance that this person is not the right one to deal with. When people are coming up with excuses, they are trying to hide something, and it’s much better to move on and find another person who is selling the same watch.

How To Successfully Ruin Your Reputation As A Watch Seller
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You Accept the offer but sold it to someone else

Why would someone ruin the reputation, after you spend time negotiating with them and agreed on the price and payment method? If you ever agreed on the price to be sold, do not back out. Even if you get a higher offer the next day. That’s not the way you want to approach watch trading. If you’re going to start watch trading, I would highly recommend joining the Watch Trading Academy. You might learn fast that keeping your word gets you much further.

Are many watch sellers like that?

In general, there are not many people who will treat you this way. You already know who you are dealing with because you “bought” the seller before the watch. The key to watch trading is to know the seller. Ask for a reference, connect with them on social media. Check out their online store, or search their name. You will be able to find a lot of facts about them which helps you to make an educated decision.

I have written an article, which is opposite to this. It talks about how to be the best watch seller online. When selling online, it requires a different approach to selling because people need to gain trust differently than if they are buying the watch from you in the store.

This watch blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch MarketPlace

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