How to Take Amazing Watch Photography using a Phone Camera

How to Take Amazing Watch Photography using a Phone Camera

Watch photography can get tricky, especially with certain watches which do have larger reflective areas such as crystals. You might wonder, how can I take amazing watch photography by using my phone only. It’s very simple, especially, when the phone camera is so much better than years ago. The simple tips for better watch photography depending on the specific time, location, accessories, how clean the watch is as well as setting the right time on the watch.

The Tips to take amazing watch Photography

#1 When to Take Pictures

The best time to take pictures is early in the morning in the first hour of the sunrise or the last hour before the sunset. The reason for that is that you will not have to deal with direct sunlight, which creates a challenging environment.

When you are not able to take a picture during those times, try to make the pictures during a cloudy day; however, you might have a hard time with some reflection on the crystal as well.

#2 The Best Location

The best location for watch photography will be the one you have close to your area. You just have to make that location the best just for you which will be your “signature” on all of your pictures. The more pictures you take, the more you will train your eye to take photos at different spots.

From personal experience, I do like to take pictures, on the higher ground where it is a drop-off. It gives an excellent depth on the images. Lately, I do want to take pictures right around my garden where we have many tropical flowers. The different colors of green with some exotic Hawaiian flowers makes the images even more exciting.

#3 The best accessories for Watch photography

The minimum essential should be a tripod and collapsible reflector. To be frank, I do not really use the tripod to take my picture; however, the reflector does help a lot to make great pictures especially to fight the reflection on the crystal or if I want to get more light on the watch.

#4 Is your watch clean?

Due to a high-quality camera on the phone, make sure you will clean your watch thoroughly before you start taking pictures. A microfiber cloth does help a lot. When you use it, you will be surprised how much dirt you had on your watch.

#5 Setting hands 10 & 10

Not sure if you have noticed, but many professional watch photographers are setting the time on the watch ten minutes after ten o’clock. The reason behind it is to make the watch visually symmetrical, and the distance is divided equally into thirds.

#6 Focus on the right spots

When you are taking the pictures, make sure that you will focus the camera on the right spot. For example, you want to zoom on the logo of the Omega; however, the automatic zoom is focusing on hands only, you will need to touch the screen where you want to the camera focus on.

If I can do it you can too!

All these tips are from my personal experience, and I hope that you found them helpful. As you can see in the picture below, that was one of my first watch pictures, and the key is to practice. The more pictures you will take, the better you will eventually become watch photography, especially with the phones getting only better cameras.

Just remember that the time of the day is a crucial part of taking pictures outdoor during the natural light. When you find the right location, with the necessary accessories, you are ready to take photos of your watch, which is clean and ready to be photographed. When you are prepared to take the first pictures, make sure that the watch has the right time 10 after 10 o’clock helps with the symmetric look. Focus on the right spot and take the first amazing watch photography.

This blog post was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch marketplace.


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