How to wear a Nato Strap


NATO straps were developed originally for British soldiers back in the 1970s when they were released under the name “G10.” They earned this name from the requisition form for the straps. This strap grew fast in the military and gradually gained popularity in civilian population due to its’ numerous features and strengths. At the end of the Cold War, these straps were sold in military stores all over the country and were branded with a NATO surplus number. They have remained popular to date and will be in the decades to come due to their many advantages.

NATO watch straps have one main feature which is its’ single-piece construction where other straps are made of two separate pieces that can only be removed by removing both spring bars on the watch. NATO straps are easy to switch in a matter of seconds. The watch keeper strap ensures the watch remains on your wrist even if one of the springs snaps. These unique features are what makes NATO straps a must have for everyone serious about watches and quality straps for every situation.

There’s also a ton of different ways to wear a NATO! Below is a detailed infographic on different ways to wear your NATO strap.


Once you enter the world of watch straps, the addiction will never let you go free since there are so many colors, materials, and styles available at prices that suit every pocket. Changing the straps of your watch can make a very big difference how you look, it can cause a serious transformation in a matter of seconds at very affordable prices. You get the opportunity to show the color and design that might otherwise have gone unnoticed in your watch and style.

Handcrafted straps bring out your style since they are created meticulously with every detail captured and inspected for the highest quality. The artist making these straps put a part of their personality in each piece that comes out to the market so you now know how much value the NATO straps hold both to the one who makes it and the user. It’s funny… we’ve more than once bought straps first then went around looking for the watch to match it with instead of buying the watch first like every normal person does.

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