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Welcome to our online marketplace, where you can explore an impressive selection of used Hublot watches. As a brand known for its fusion of tradition and innovation, Hublot has established itself as a true pioneer in the world of luxury timepieces. By shopping with us, you can discover exceptional deals on high-quality Hublot watches that will elevate your style and make a lasting impression.

Hublot timepieces are renowned for their bold and distinctive designs, combining modern aesthetics with technical excellence. With a keen focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, each Hublot watch represents a harmonious blend of art and horology. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic Big Bang collection, the sophisticated Classic Fusion line, or the avant-garde Spirit of Big Bang models, our marketplace offers a wide range of options to suit your personal style.

By opting for a used Hublot watch, you not only gain access to the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship but also enjoy the added benefit of value. Our online marketplace is carefully curated to ensure that every timepiece meets our high standards of quality and authenticity. You can browse with confidence, knowing that each pre-owned Hublot watch has been thoroughly inspected and authenticated by our experts.

Investing in a used Hublot watch not only allows you to express your individuality but also enables you to join the league of discerning watch enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and prestige associated with the brand. Whether you’re seeking a timepiece for formal occasions or casual outings, a Hublot watch is sure to command attention and elevate your overall style.

So, why wait? Explore our online marketplace today and embark on a journey to find your perfect Hublot watch. With our great deals on used timepieces, you can embrace the spirit of Hublot and make a statement that reflects your unique taste and sophistication. Elevate your style with a pre-owned Hublot watch and experience the extraordinary blend of luxury and innovation that the brand represents.

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Hublot Watches: An Overview

Hublot, a relatively young brand in the world of luxury Swiss watches, is widely recognized for its innovative design and materials. Established in 1980, Hublot has made its mark by combining traditional watchmaking techniques with modern design principles, creating a distinct niche for itself.

Hublot: The Art of Fusion

Hublot, founded by Italian Carlo Crocco, was the first brand to create a watch with a natural rubber strap, a concept initially met with skepticism but later adopted by other luxury watch brands. Hublot’s signature ‘porthole’ case shape, from which the brand takes its name (Hublot means ‘porthole’ in French), and its fusion of unusual materials became defining elements of the brand.

In 2005, Jean-Claude Biver, a charismatic figure in the Swiss watch industry, took the reins of Hublot, propelling the brand to new heights with the introduction of the Big Bang collection.

Iconic Hublot Watches

Hublot’s collections are characterized by bold designs, vibrant colors, and the use of innovative materials. Here are some of the brand’s most iconic watches:

  1. Hublot Big Bang: This collection catapulted the brand to global fame. With its complex geometric design, the Big Bang is a perfect example of Hublot’s daring approach to watch design.

  2. Hublot Classic Fusion: This line features a more traditional and refined design while still embodying the brand’s ethos of fusion by incorporating modern materials.

  3. Hublot King Power: A collection that exemplifies Hublot’s bold approach, with oversized cases and complex dial designs.

Servicing and Caring for Your Hublot Watch

To maintain the performance and aesthetics of a Hublot watch, regular servicing is crucial. The cost of servicing can vary depending on the model and its condition but might range from $500 to $1,000. It’s recommended to service your watch at authorized Hublot service centers or boutiques, where trained professionals can maintain the quality and value of your timepiece.

For proper care and maintenance of your Hublot watch, you should:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your watch gently with a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid Chemicals and Extreme Temperatures: Protect your watch from damaging substances and significant temperature changes.
  3. Winding: Wind your automatic watch regularly to keep the mechanism active.
  4. Safe Storage: Store your watch in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  5. Regular Servicing: Schedule professional service every few years to ensure optimal performance and preserve value.

With the right care, a Hublot watch can remain a statement piece for years, reflecting the brand’s daring spirit and innovative approach to watchmaking.

Hublot Watches: Movements and Materials

Hublot is a Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its fusion concept, which involves the innovative combination of unusual materials.


  1. In-House Movements: Hublot uses its own in-house movements for many of its watches. For instance, the HUB1201 used in the Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 has a 10-day power reserve, while the HUB6016 used in the Hublot MP-07 has a whopping 40-day power reserve.

  2. Unico Movement: The Hublot Unico Movement is another in-house development and is used in many of their chronograph watches. This automatic movement has a flyback chronograph function, meaning the chronograph can be reset without stopping the chronograph function, and a 72-hour power reserve.

  3. Tourbillon Movements: Hublot also has several watches with tourbillon movements, an extremely intricate mechanism designed to counter the effects of gravity on the watch’s accuracy.


  1. Gold: Hublot often uses 18k gold in its watches, especially its proprietary King Gold, which has a warmer tone compared to traditional 18k gold.

  2. Titanium: Many Hublot watches are made from titanium due to its light weight and high resistance to scratches.

  3. Ceramic: Hublot uses ceramic in many of its watch cases and bezels for its high scratch resistance and variety of color options.

  4. Rubber: Hublot was one of the first watch brands to use rubber straps extensively. They continue to pair many of their watches with high-quality rubber straps, often in bold colors.

  5. Sapphire Crystal: Hublot has taken sapphire crystal beyond the usual watch glass and used it to construct entire watch cases, as seen in the Big Bang Unico Sapphire models.

  6. Carbon Fiber: Used in some models for its strength and lightness, and it gives a modern, technical aesthetic to their watches.

  7. Magic Gold: Hublot’s patented Magic Gold, a scratch-resistant gold made from a fusion of gold and ceramic, showcases the brand’s philosophy of “the art of fusion.”

The most expensive Hublot watch sold to date is the Hublot Big Bang $5 Million, fully adorned with hundreds of diamonds, and as the name suggests, was sold for $5 million.





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