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Created as a testament to the old tool watches of yesteryear, the SpectreDiver is an homage to the traditional reasons that one might wear a watch in the past. The creator of the watch, HVD, takes inspiration from the tool watches that served the primary purpose of timekeeping without any of the luxury elements that watches tend to have today. Much of the focus of the SpectreDiver is therefore placed on the durability of the timepiece, but this is done without sacrificing the style of the watch.

HVD SpectreDiver lune shot

The SpectreDiver is a durable timepiece crafted out of surgical stainless steel, creating a case that measures 40 millimeters in size. The large size paired with the SuperLuminova on the dial makes it easy for you to see the time from any angle and under any light setting for your convenience. Protecting the dial of the watch is a tough plexiglass crystal that reflects light to create an attractive appearance of the hand-textured dials.

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The overall design of the timepiece takes its inspiration from the vintage dive watches found in the 60s and 70s, incorporating plenty of antique charm into the modern watchmaking styles of today. Making it safe for diving, it has a water resistance of 200 meters.

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About HVD Watches HVD is based in Singapore, owned and operated by husband and wife Travis Tan & Vivian Ko. Call it a movement or a project, HVD was founded to bring the people back to basics; back to a simpler time. With the use of modern technology, HVD combines hand wound mechanical movements with super-vintage styling to produce well-crafted vintage-inspired timepieces at an affordable price. Our aim is to reignite people’s passion for all things mechanical and rediscover a personal approach with the very tool that helps us take on the day.


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