I hate Rolex Watches, What about You?

1695312898 I hate Rolex Watches What about You

Rolex watches been my dream since I know about watches. Because I was playing tennis, I have always seen the Rolex logo around tennis courts. The marketing they used to attract new clientele is very creative and compelling. Just try to think about the time you have learned about Rolex? Was it from your watch friend or marketing? That what made me want to have my Rolex watch in the first place directly from the Authorized Dealer. 

You are probably aware that the demand is much higher than supply, and it is improbable that you will be able to get your sport model Rolex watch directly from the store shelves. You could buy almost any watch from them ten years ago, but the times are over. At least for now.

Here are the reasons I hate the Rolex watch brand

I just want to buy the watch.

Controlling supply and demand is a purely economic, but for consumers who are not willing to pay over the MSRP is a pain in the butt. I know many people who are selling new sport Rolex watches or even marketplaces where you can buy it, but I want to walk in the store and experience the purchase in the store. It’s like playing a game without skipping levels.

I talked to my local Rolex AD Ben and Bridge, and the salesperson said, “no sports models available” but “if you purchase some diamonds I might be able to help” Really? You want me to buy diamonds before I can buy just regular Rolex Submariner? No, thank you!

Customer Service?

I have visited many Rolex stores, but none of the customer services was superb. It seems like they are not interested in sharing their knowledge and possibly offer me some alternatives. I hoped that customer service would be fantastic, especially when you are spending thousands of dollars on a watch.

I hate the timeless design that I wanted so bad

The design on Rolex submariner did not change for many years. They upgrade the movement and the dials to different materials, but overall the watch stays the same. That’s why so many people recognize the watch. Even my grandparents knew about Rolex watches.

The simple design made with precision makes me exciting, but unfortunately, I was not able to get a hands-on one yet directly from the store. One day, ONE DAY when people stop buying Rolex (HAHAHA) I might be able to get it. I hope that I will be able to see it on my wrist, not just feel it because I am too old.

Buying on the secondary market

You can purchase Rolex on the secondary market and pay more than the MSRP on many sports models. Because I have experience buying and selling watches, I know what to look for when it comes to pre-owned watches. If you are not aware what to look for you should look for a reputable watch seller who will be able to help you or choose the watch platform where you can use escrow to purchase your dream Rolex to protect yourself from getting screwed.

Now, that you know, my reasons why I do not like Rolex watches, here is the reason I do like it.

They hold their value

Rolex watches are well known for keeping their value, which means you will be able to park your money safely in your new wearable asset. When you decide to sell it many years later, there is a high chance that you will be able to get more money than your bank will make you.

Watch For any occasion

Especially the sport models such as Date Submariner, or Daytona with the Panda dial are amazing watches you can use for any occasion. The size of 40mm is a perfect one for any activities you might do. Almost any, I would not play tennis with them or golf, because it bothers me when I play.

People recognize the brand

Rolex watch is one of the watch brands, which is known among other people who are not even familiar with luxury watches. When someone is wearing a Rolex watch, there is a chance that they will recognize the watch and your EGO will be happy. If you are a human and you do not mind when people are telling you positive things about your watch. At least I do not mind it at all.

I like the feeling

Every time I wear a Rolex watch, I feel meaningful. There is a feeling which makes me very happy and put a smile on my face. You have to experience Rolex to get that feeling. Just imagine, you are driving to work, and looking on your wrist while you are holding the steering wheel. You glimpse on the watch to check the time, but ultimately you want to look at it. Yes, this watch makes people happy if they can buy it for MSRP.

Even if I have reasons that I do not like Rolex, I will buy it in a heartbeat. I would be able to just go to the store and buy it. There are many great reasons why you should buy Rolex watch as well, but ultimately, it is up to you how the watch makes you feel. For me, it gives me happiness, and I want to be happy.

The blog post was written by Honza Hroch the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

I hate Rolex Watches What about You

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