I Lost My Warranty Card For My Luxury Watch How To Get A New One

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Are you one of the people who misplace or loose items once a while? You are not alone, and many people lose their watch related items as well, such as boxes, papers, manuals.

What can you do if you lose your warranty card? Can you get a new one directly from the authorized dealer? The simple answer is no. You have another option which is to get the extract of the archives, and in some case, you can get authentication service to be done by some manufacturers.

You might be wondering what the extract of the archives is? This document shows various information regarding your watch. The document matches the serial number of the case, movement as well as the type of the watch. Sometimes you will need to find a watchmaker to help you open the case back.

Not all companies offer the extract of the archives, but here is the list of the watch companies which provide the extract of authentication service instead.

The Extract Archives information from different watch brands

I Lost My Warranty Card For My Luxury Watch How
  • Audemars Piquet
  • Patek Philippe
  • Omega
  • Vacheron -Constantin
  • IWC
  • Zenith
  • Tissot
  • Longines
  • Ulysse Nardin

What are the benefits of getting the extract of the archives? When you have the document, you will gain more credibility regarding your timepiece when you are selling it on the marketplace. However, the watch companies emphasize that this paper does not prove the authenticity of the watch. That’s something you need to remember.

Audemar Piquet

To obtain the Extract from Archives for Audemars Piquet, you can stop by the official AD store or contact the AP directly from their websites. The cost is 250 Swiss Francks however you have an option to get the Certificate of authentication for 1,000 Swiss Franks. 

I Lost My Warranty Card For My Luxury Watch How
Audemars Piquet Extract of Archives

Patek Philippe

To reach out to Patek Philippe, you need to email them at archives.extracts@patek.com to get the process started.

You will need to provide at least four pictures. One picture has to show the dial which is facing up as well as make the bracelet or strap visible. The second picture has to be more macro which shows the Patek Philippe Log, numerals, and the clear vies of hands.

The third picture needs to show movement. If the case back is closed, you need two photos. One is showing the case back and the second one pictures of the movement. You need to make sure that the engraved movement number is visible. The last picture required is the case number, which is visible on the inside of the solid case back or in the inside of the metal, ring surrounds the sapphire-crystal display again.

The requirement is that the watch has to be five years or older to obtain the Certificate. The information you will receive from Patek’s Extract of archives are:

  • Type of Watch
  • Movement Number
  • Caliber
  • Case Number
  • Style
  • Type of Dial
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of Sale
  • Bracelet Type
  • Additional information if any.

You will be able to receive the archives of extract from Patek Philippe within twelve weeks from the receipt of payment. The cost is 150 Swiss Francs or equivalent amount in your currency


If you are located in Europe, you can order the Extract of Archives online. If you are in the United States, you need to visit Omega Boutique or Authorized Dealer and they will help you out.

When you are submitting the information online, you need to fill a necessary form. You need to input Case number, Movement serial number as well as a short description of the watch. Also, they require two pictures, front strait up of the dial as well as case back.

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OMEGA the Extract of Archives

The cost of Omega Extract of Archives is $150, and it can take up to 8 weeks to get it.

Vacheron -Constantin

To get the extract from the Archives, you need to reach out directly to their exclusive Boutiques or the authorized dealer. The other option is to contact their Ambassadors.

Vacheron- Constantin the Extract of Archives

Jaeger Lecoultre

If your watch is older than twenty years, you are in luck; otherwise, you are not able to get it.

To get the extract of the archives for Jeager Lecoultre, you will have to fill out the contact form as well as information about the watch with some pictures.

You will receive the archive of extract in 8 weeks of the payment date. The cost is 260 Swiss Francs

Jaeger-Lecoultre the Extract of Archives


IWC has been keeping track of all their records since 1885. Because IWC does not have an extract of the archive, they do issue IWC Certificate. To obtain one, you need to drop off the watch at an IWC Boutique or Authorized Dealer. The fee is around 360 Swiss Francks

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IWC the Extract of Archives


To obtain the extract of the archives from zenith, you need to provide the standard information we have talked about before. Movement and case serial numbers as well as the of photographs. Front, case back, and its movement.

Zenith has two options; one is a digital version which costs 60 Swiss Francs and the Printed version, which is 80 Swiss Francs. In general, the research takes 30 business days.

Zenith the Extract of Archives


If you are looking to get Tissot’s extract of archives, you need to stop by any of their service centers or use the contact form on their website.

Tissot the Extract of Archives


Longines has a long history of collecting their records. They started in 1867. You will be able to receive the information by email, but first, you need to provide the information they need to help you out for FREE. Yes, this service is free of charge, and it takes two to three weeks plus shipping time.

The Certificate of authenticity from Longines is available for $75, and it takes up to eight weeks to be completed.

Longines the Extract of Archives

Ulysse Nardin

If you want to search the extract of archives from Ulysse Nardin, you need to email them, and they will search on your behalf.

They will need pictures of the front dial as well as the case back. The movement number which might be visible, if not you will need to find a watchmaker to help you out.

These are the companies which offer the extract of the archives. I have found it very interesting that you can obtain this information because it might help increase the value of the watch you are selling online.

The watch blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch

1695310815 354 I Lost My Warranty Card For My Luxury Watch How

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