Introducing WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets


It’s amazing how a simple men’s bracelet can transform the look of a casual or dressy ensemble and truly show off a gentleman’s sense of style. Nautical bracelets provide that minimalist, masculine finishing touch that makes an outfit truly complete, and we’re pleased to announce that there is a whole new way for men to get that classic maritime look–the WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets!

Gold Hook Mint Green Leather Bracelet by WatchBandit 1

WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets are the newest additions to our line of nautical bracelets for men. These bracelets feature large fasteners shaped like fish hooks. Real 18-karat gold is used in the plating, so the hooks are very lustrous, richly coloured and very durable. Like all of our other hook bracelets, the new gold hooks feature knotted construction that allows you to alter the fit and make the bracelet longer or shorter. The WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets collection includes a variety of colours and designs with options made from 100 per cent cotton rope and genuine fine Italian leather.

Gold Hook Green Leather Bracelet by WatchBandit 1

Even though the WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets are made from the best materials and are fully handcrafted, they don’t cost a fortune. The cotton bracelets retail for just 30€, and the leather bracelets sell for 40€. When you purchase two at a time or buy one along with one of our other bracelets, we’ll ship your order free to any destination  in the world! Shop the WatchBandit Gold Hook Bracelets collection now and check out all of the colourful options available!

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