Is the Grey Watch Market Safe?


If you’re starting to get into luxury timepieces, chances are you’ll hear murmurs about the grey watch market. To be fair, with a name like that, it sounds like it’s something that exists in dark alleys or in the seedier parts of town, but the reality is, the grey watch market is all around you. Chances are, you’ve already seen it and didn’t even realize you had.

Watchmakers Authorize Specific Retailers to Sell Their Products

If you visit virtually any luxury watchmaker’s website, it’ll give you a listing of places you can purchase their timepieces. A quality manufacture is all about maintaining its reputation, so it only partners with specific retailers and those retailers sign contracts agreeing to sell the products at whatever rate the manufacture demands. That’s important for the luxury watchmaker because low prices can diminish the perceived value of the pieces they make or damage their image.

Not a Grey Market Watch: Graham Silverstone Stowe Racing Chronograph
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Synergy Timepieces

The Gray Watch Market Includes Every Unauthorized Dealer

Sometimes the manufacture or the authorized seller has overstock. This happens all the time due to dips in the economy that impact consumer spending, when a competitor launches a stronger product, if a brand’s reputation is diminished for other reasons, or even if a particular style falls out of fashion. In any case, the company can’t afford to keep a backstock of timepieces, so they sell them off at cost to another retailer. That retailer is not bound by the same agreements as the normal or authorized dealer, and so it’s considered part of the grey watch market. They can sell the piece for whatever price they want, which typically means markdowns of hundreds or thousands of dollars. By the same token, most pre-owned sales are part of the gray watch market too.

Black and Grey Markets are Not the Same

A lot of confusion comes in because “grey” sounds a whole lot like “black,” and we know the black market is bad. In that realm, you’ll find stolen and counterfeit goods. In order for it to be grey, it simply doesn’t come from an authorized seller. Ergo, we’re NOT talking about stolen or counterfeit pieces. They’re authentic pieces being sold by an entity that does not have a formal arrangement with the manufacture. Without dropping any names, some of the biggest online retailers in the world feed the grey watch market. If you’ve done any shopping online, chances are you’ve been on those sites.

There are Pros and Cons of Going with the Grey Watch Market

Obviously, the biggest benefit is that you stand to save some serious cash. Again, it could be hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the piece and who’s selling it. The downside is that when you don’t purchase from an authorized seller, you don’t generally get the warranty from the manufacture. In some cases, you’ll receive a blank warranty card and in others, you won’t receive a warranty card at all. Some sellers in the grey watch market offer their own private warranties to build consumer confidence, but a lot of the time, you’re reliant on the luxury brand to create a quality product that won’t have faults.

Not a grey market watch:Limited Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79920n Noir ETA
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Evaluate Each Seller and Piece on Their Own Merit to Stay Safe

Avoid replica and counterfeit sites. Again, that’s not the same thing as the grey watch market. Read “Why Replica Watches Are Hurting the Watch Industry” for more details.

Purchase from a reputable seller. Businesses and individuals who sell and flip a lot of timepieces aren’t going to risk their reputation by selling fake or misrepresented pieces.

Examine the timepiece. Most luxury watchmakers have a rigorous quality assurance process. Pieces with issues never leave the factory under any circumstance. It would harm their image if they let that happen. However, you should become familiar with any timepiece you’re considering purchasing if you won’t qualify for the manufacture warranty and to confirm authenticity.

Evaluate the costs. Chances are your grey watch market purchase will save you thousands, but you should do the math for yourself. Add up your savings, then subtract any diminished value for not having a warranty card (usually a couple hundred if you plan to flip it later, but it varies based on the piece) and consider the cost of a full service. In most cases, you’ll come out ahead, even when you’re buying new. However, if you opt for pre-owned, you also get to skip out on the immediate depreciation of a piece as well. Because fine timepieces are crafted to be heirloom items, you’re still getting quality which will last several lifetimes and saving a considerable sum in the process.

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