Jacopo Dondi – Elegant And Sophisticated Timepieces


Hoping to change the way people read and perceive time, the Cambio from Jacopo Dondi was born. The company wants to bring the ever-rare 24-hour watches into the mainstream by offering them in styles that are more adaptable and easier to wear. Created by the founders in Perth, Australia, these watches are designed to show the time in a way that is far more natural than a simple wristwatch, and they manage to do so in style.

The Cambio designs from Jacopo Dondi are elegant timepieces that are sure to make a fashion statement all on their own. They have a sophisticated look to them and regal details that make this inexpensive watch look and feel like a luxury timepiece. The watches are unique in the way they have a dial with only one hand opposed to the three–second, minute and hour–hands that most watch styles utilize. The single hand on the Cambio from Jacopo Dondi rotates to the point where it only makes one revolution every 24 hours. This makes wearing the watch a more natural experience, one where you can read the time at a glance and understand what you’re looking at without having to study the dial to be able to be sure.

The Cambio from Jacopo Dondi is being offered on their website. There, you can find these watches in your choice of colors and watch strap styles. They all cost around $180 AUD and come with free shipping around the world.

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