Ki & Drew Watches: Breathing Unique Life Back into Minimalist Watches


Do you ever find yourself looking for a watch that makes you stand out from the rest of the timepiece loving crowd? One that has beautiful features that distinguish it from other watches? If you have, you may have found yourself disheartened by the state of the watch industry as is, where most designs are beautiful, yes, but run-of-the-mill and overdone. That is where Ki & Drew watches come in. They ran into the same issue and decided to create their own watches that are full of individuality and appeal.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Ki & Drew created their brand with the vision of reinventing the minimalist timepiece industry. The founder, Andrew Chloe, spent hours going through research on watches and their designs and styles. He found that most watches lacked any sort of distinguishing features that made them pop. From that day, he decided to create his own built of elegance and simplicity; one that is affordable yet quality, and designed with uniqueness in mind.

The timepieces from Ki & Drew feature characteristics that one does not typically find in a watch, including double lined major indexes, circular minor indexes and an elevated double dial. They are also equipped with Swiss quartz movements, sapphire crystal glass along with stainless steel casings. The interchangeable straps come equipped with a simple click mechanism for easy switching and are made from genuine leather.

Obtaining a Ki & Drew watch is as simple as visiting their site. They offer free domestic shipping and the price is a modest $125 per watch.

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