KickStarter for Watches: How to Develop a Strategy to Get Funded.


Interview with the Founder of Miami Watch Company and the author of this course – Jahn Karsybaev.

Please tell us about yourself and your experience in Watch Industry.
I am a serial entrepreneur, investor and Founder of Miami Watch Company (Professional Watch Manufacturing Company based out of Miami, FL) which owns and operates 2 in-house microbrands: Stranger Watches and Amir Watches. My passion for motivation, startups and entrepreneurship has led me to an idea of creating unique courses where I would share my knowledge with the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to break into Watch Industry. I am a strong believer in knowledge sharing and I am confident that spreading your knowledge wealth will only lead to more opportunities and greater network, rather than being afraid of new competition or trying to hold on to you secrets.

What motivated you to create a course on Crowdfunding?
I have launched and successfully funded 4 Kickstarter campaigns so far. But prior to that, I have also failed a few campaigns. When I failed my first campaign on IndieGogo, I started looking for online resources and classes that would help me learn and build a strategy that would deliver results. I was disappointed with the results of my research as there are ton of basic classes on Fundamentals of Crowdfunding but none of them provided specific and practical strategies.

Who is this course for and what can students expect to learn?
This course is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking to break into Watch Industry. It is very difficult to build an initial database of customers and fund your first collection, yet Crowdfunding offers exactly that opportunity. I’ve broken down this course into 3 main sections:

  • Pre-Launch Strategies
  • What to do During the Campaign
  • Post-Campaign Strategies

Each section provides step-by- step instructions on what needs to be done. Moreover, I review 2 Use Cases based on 2 of my Kickstarter campaigns, where we break down each section and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

Are there any special Perks or Discounts available to WatchBandit Readers?
Absolutely, each of the WatchBandit readers can sign up for this or any of my Udemy courses with a 50% Discount. All you need to do is follow the link below. Additionally, there are various high profile Marketing Services which are available to each of my student

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