Kosmos 24 – The French Russian Vintage Inspired Watch


Created by three friends who have known each other since their time spent studying at the same University, Kosmos 24 watches are inspired by a love of adventure and a longing for the days when humankind explored the world for the sake of sheer exploration and thrill. Unique from other timepieces, the Kosmos 24 watches are made with a collaborative effort of Russian classicism and French innovation, bringing forth a striking collection of timepieces that can be worn by anyone, anytime, and with any sort of attire. The timepieces features 24-hour movements that allow you to keep the time in a unique new way, reminiscent of the way ancient explorers kept track of the hours at their point in history.

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The Kosmos 24 timepieces are controlled by an ultra reliable and precise Ronda 515 24 hour quartz movement that is able to keep the time without fault. The cases, available in a number of stylish personalities, are made from durable and resilient 316L stainless steel. Atop each of the beautiful dials offered by Kosmos 24 rests a sapphire crystal dial lens that is able to resist any sort of minor damages including scratching.

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Currently, these striking Kosmos 24 watches are being funded on the crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter. At the time of writing this blog, these timepieces have exceeded their goal of $20,187, raising a total of $21,514 with 18 days still remaining in the campaign. Pledge $112 dollars minimum in order to receive one of their watches at a discounted rate once the campaign has been completed.

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