kronaby Introducing connected watches


Honoring their deeply set love and respect for classic timepieces, Kronaby is a leader in creating timeless watches that generations young and old can enjoy equally. Taking into consideration all of the crafting, design, luxury and attention to detail that they believe all watches should possess, Kronaby stands above the rest in the timepiece making industry by delivering a truly striking watch based around the philosophy that each watch should be a reflection of the unique human being that is wearing it.

Kronaby takes a modern approach to these classic timepieces by incorporating a special movement that communicates with their own mobile applications. This application can filter the notifications that your phone receives, including incoming calls, text messages, app functions and more, letting you decide who and what interrupts your day without needing to keep an eye on your cell phone. The Kronaby can also keep track of how much you move every day, going so far as to remind you to get up and move when you have been sitting for too long. The movement inside of each Kronaby timepieces is a mixture of a vibrational motor, Bluetooth technology and the special Kronaby connected movement BT001. This is what makes it a unique watch that borders somewhere between a smart watch and a traditional timepiece.

Kronaby watches can be purchased on their dedicated website. It is here that you can browse their numerous, extensive collections to determine which of these striking designs best suits your lifestyle. Their watches can be pre-ordered and, when in stock, delivered to you free of charge. Ranging from $395-$545, these watches can be yours at a competitive price.

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