Largest Watch Blogs on Instagram


Instagram is the most popular Social Media Platform for watch fans around the world. Here thousands of watch pictures are shared daily and it’s easy to find pictures of watches you are interested in with the help of hashtags. We have gathered a list of the largest watch blogs 100% dedicated to watches, where you can get your daily watch inspiration. If you are on Instagram we would also appreciate if you would follow our account @WatchBandits enjoy.

1: DailyWatch 2.100.000 Followers


2: WatchAnish 1.700.000 Followers

Watch Anish watchanish

3: Whatchs 661.000 Followers

WHATCHS whatchs

4: Watchmania 539.000

WATCHMANIA watchmania

5: SwissWatches 342.000 Followers


6: D.Rolexero 289.000 Followers

D.ROLEXERO ➡ ROLEXERO d.rolexero • Instagram photos and videos

7: RolexDiver 162.000 Followers

8: TheHorophile 162.000 Followers


9: WWatches 134.000 Followers


10: WRISTPORN 120.000 Followers

WRISTPORN™ wristporn

11: Watches Of Instagram 120.000 Followers

WATCHES OF INSTAGRAM watchesofinstagram

12: GiorgiaMondani 111.000 Followers


13: Mondanidoc 104.000 Followers


14: Horologymania 100.000 Followers


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