Let Your Personality Run Free with Olivier Jonquet Watches


Personality is important. It is what makes you who you are at your most fundamental level; it is how you show the world what you’ve got and how your peers see you. Olivier Jonquet watches allow you to make a statement about your intricate and unique personality in a silent, understated way with their watches. In a sea of timepieces that go way out of their way to be different and ones that stay within the classic watch stylings, Olivier Jonquet strives to meet pleasantly in the middle with watches that lend their own independence of mind.

Olivier Jonquet elected in 2013 to create his own French watch brand. Inspired by his deep and lifelong love and passion for horology, his watches run free from high-tech materials and instead deliver reliable, simplistic, beautiful watches. Olivier Jonquet watches aim to create a standard line of stock watches, but intend to deviate from them with limited edition batches so that you truly can have a watch as unique as you are. Not only does this company value the excellence that goes into each and every watch they produce, they deeply care for and appreciate the intimate relationships they create and nurture with their customers.

Be adventurous. Go for a watch that speaks to who you are when you choose to purchase an Olivier Jonquet watch from their website. The prices for these beautiful timepieces range from around $1,800.00 to a little over $1,900.00 and come with reasonable shipping costs.

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