Live Aloha!


Aloha is probably one of the most common words you’ll see in Hawaii. While most have been taught it’s a simple greeting, there is a much deeper meaning relating to peace, love and compassion.

The founder, Spencer Leu, though his life journey found that compassion, basically wanting yourself and others to be happy is one of the keys to true happiness. So the name was a perfect fit for the message he wanted to share with his high quality timepieces.

His mission is to inspire others to live with aloha and has plans to donate special editions as charity giveaways. The last one-off version helped raise $25,000 at a charity golf tournament for the Brighton Jones Foundation who used the funds to purchase a school bus for a girl’s shelter in Kenya.

Unique take on horology

Inspired by some of his favorite watches (Omega, Rolex, and Patek Philippe) the designs are clean and functional yet original. This is a very difficult task with so many years of watchmaking history, but he was able to accomplish this after many design iterations.

The oscillating rotor is engraved and lacquered with the flower of life furthering his mission to share the aloha spirit. This process adds significant cost and production time compared to simply signing the rotor, but he felt it was necessary to represent the aloha spirit. The rotor and the beautifully finished Top Grade ETA GMT (2893-2) movement with blue screws are displayed through the sapphire case back.

Main value propositions

These might be a fit for those who would like to support a brand helping others and would like to live with the aloha spirit. In addition, the classic yet unique dial and case design make it a timeless versatile timepiece for any occasion. Finally, the high quality finishing, components, and specifications are what you would typically find on timepieces that are much more expensive.


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