Lord Timepieces one of the fastest growing brands in the world


Lord Timepieces believes that each person is capable of mastering their own destiny, and as a result, ruling over their own time. They strive to create both watches and a sense of community that allows the wearers of their timepieces to unwrap their full potential and to remain ahead of the curve, not simply bowing down to the trends of today. Based out of London, Lord Timepieces aspires to become internationally renowned for their creative endeavors, and they are actively succeeding.

One of the fastest growing brands of timepieces in the world, Lord Timepieces has exceeded their expectations of inspiring watch enthusiasts all over the globe to be themselves and bring their dreams to life, no matter what their wearers choose to do with their time.

Believing time is a valuable resource as it cannot be borrowed, exchanged or bought, Lord Timepieces wants to impart the knowledge that how one spends their time defines who they are as a person. Every second must be counted, and every person must use those minutes to better themselves. Living one’s life by the hands of one’s Lord timepiece keeps them focused on what is really important.

The Lord Timepieces are self-winding, generating power from the natural movements of a person’s wrist, taking away the hassle of winding daily or relying on a battery that will eventually lose power. All you have to do is turn the crown the first time it is worn to get its impressive and reliable Japanese Miyota, Swiss Ronda, or automatic movement ticking. Then, simply let your daily motions take care of the rest. Each timepiece is 3M water resistant.

With free worldwide shipping, your sleek, unique Lord Timepiece can be yours with no additional charge. Their watches are highly affordable, ranging from 80€-85€, and you can shop their collection right here at WatchBandit.

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