MAEN Watches: Classic, yet contemporary


It isn’t often that the manufacturers of timepieces take their cues from anything other than the latest fashion trends. MAEN Watches is different in that regard. While their classic, yet contemporary style is ultra stylish, MAEN Watches are inspired by the world around us. This brand believes that nothing is more natural than keeping time with Mother Nature and they take their inspiration from the phases of the moon, creating high-quality watches that are superbly unique.

Old-Dutch for the word “moon,” MAEN recognizes that for many years, the moon in the sky was perhaps the most reliable thing in the world. It helped travelers navigate the land, broke up the seasons into months and eventually created the calendar we use today. It is this knowledge that has gone into the creation of the Classic Moonphase collection which is equipped with an accurate and functional moonphase complication.

The moonphase complication is an indicator on a watch that features a rotating disc which serves to show the current phase of the moon. While the moon passes over the Earth’s sky, the miniature version featured on the Moonphase watch does, too, and is displayed through a small window on the dial. Each watch in the Classic Moonphase collection comes with an accurate and reliable Swiss movement with sapphire crystal glass protecting the striking and sophisticated dial. Surgical grade stainless steel encases the watches to ensure durability.

All of the Classic Moonphase timepieces by MAEN Watches can be browsed through and purchased on their website. These watches are $219 and come with free worldwide shipping.

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