Miang Copehagen Bespoke Watches: Changing the Way You See Watches


Miang Copenhagen was created with a single question in mind: with so many customization options in the other aspects of fashion, such as shoes, why aren’t there any watchmaking companies who specialize in customizable timepieces? Aiming to bring that to the market, the Miang Copenhagen Bespoke watch line was born. Perhaps the world’s most customizable watch, there are nearly 20 million custom combinations a customer could come up with to ensure that they own a timepiece that truly suits who they are as a person.

The Miang Copenhagen Bespoke offers nearly 20 million combinations, ensuring that you can create a watch that is truly unique to only you. Customization is fun and easy and includes options of: 3 case color choices in black, titanium, and red gold; 3 caseback choices in black, titanium, and red gold with a clear exhibition window included; 3 crown choices in black, titanium, and red gold, 3 bezel screws in black, titanium, and red gold; 4 bezel colors in carbon fiber, black, titanium, and red gold; 10 dial color choices; 5 hour and minute hand choices, finishing off with 15 strap choices of unique colors and materials. Each watch boasts a Miyota 8217 movement.

Currently, Miang Copenhagen is crowdfunding the creation of their Miang Copenhagen Bespoke timepieces through the website Kickstarter. As of the time of writing, $26,047 of their $28,847 goal has been met with 12 days left to pledge. By making a minimum pledge of $339, you can own one of their brilliant watches for yourself before anyone else.

Miang Copehagen

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