Monforti Watches: Sophisticated Timepieces Inspired by Milan


Many watchmakers strive to stay caught up with the latest in fashion trends, paying a keen eye to the shifts in styles and incorporating them into their watches. Sometimes, though, they simply fall short, as fashion is an ever-changing entity. What was once trendy yesterday can become boring tomorrow. And yet, every single fashion-forward endeavor seems to stem from what is called the style, fashion and design capital of the world–Milan. Monforti Watches realizes this to be true and subsequently models their timepieces after the clean, crisp and simplistic elegance of the city itself.

Handmade in Italy using the finest materials available, Monforti intertwines the concept of Italian bespoke menswear into their watchmaking to ensure that each individual watch is made to perfection for its wearer. With their numerous ways to personalize their watches, their aim is to provide a robust and dynamic, functional fashion accessory that can be customized as the wearer sees fit.

Each watch is hand-assembled by an Italian watchmaker with over 50 years of experience in the industry working with some of the top luxury watch brands. Under strict quality control standards, Monforti produces timepieces that are all equipped with sapphire crystal elegance and a reliable Swiss quartz movement, and they are water resistant up to 30M though the faces may be different. Part of the versatility of these watches rests in the interchangeability of their fine Italian leather straps. With over 22 choices, their quick-release snaps allow for easy strap changing to suit any occasion, from formal to casual and everything in-between.

Get the most stylish customization out of your watch with the Monforti collection. Monforti is crowdfunding their merchandise through Kickstarter. At the time of writing, Monforti has exceeded their goal of $37,554 and is currently at $44,139 with 143 days left to go. A minimum pledge of $171 USD will afford you a customized watch for a discounted price. Visit their Kickstarter site to learn more.

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