MONTA Watches: Traditional Watchmaking in the Modern Industry


The MONTA selection of watches was inspired by a desire to create a timepiece that encapsulated everything that the creators envisioned for the perfect watch: they wanted classic, historic beauty that was mixed with high-end technology that extended far past what is currently being made in the modern industry. After not being able to find that themselves, they worked for two years to create their watches, aiming to capture the essence of the first Swiss watches in a reliable, long-lasting timepiece.

MONTA Watches collection

The story of MONTA first began with the mind of a young boy and his interest and fascination with the world around him. The first time Michael DiMartini, one of the creators of MONTA, saw a watch, he found himself dazzled by its intricacies. The beauty, the heritage, the technology and the high quality of its automatic movement all intrigued him, causing him to set off on a path to becoming a watch enthusiast who would eventually discover the joy of manufacturing his own timepieces.

MONTA Watches

After a trip to Switzerland left him underwhelmed with the state of the industry, he realized that there was something lacking in the world of watches; there was nothing that excited him and reignited that passion from a young age except for a few notable vintage watches from many years past. Michael realized that the history of traditional watchmaking had long since been forgotten and abandoned, causing the prominent watches in the industry to decline as time went on.

Today, MONTA watches feature that historic element with a hint of modern shine. You can find their watches on their website for a price of $3,550 for preorder and can enjoy free shipping with your purchase.

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