Mr. Jones Watches: Playful, Contemporary and Innovative


Unlike other watch companies, Mr. Jones Watches stray far away from the trends of today. Instead, they create watches that tell a story or start a conversation. This company is made up of a small, passionate team of designers that aim to make unusual watches in the name of style and individuality. They understand that watches are no longer only meant for telling time, as people use their smartphones to do that. With this freedom, they have the ability to move away from sheer functionality and into fun, aesthetic territory.

Since the company strives to be so playful and unique, these watches come in a variety of different materials and movements, brushed stainless steel and stainless steel being among the most common. They employ leather straps in colors such as brown and black, each with their own unique stitching styles. Most of their watches feature resilient 5 ATM water resistance to help keep their timepieces running more smoothly for longer. Their movements vary far and wide and include such names as the Ronda 515-24H single jewel quartz mechanism or the STP1-11 Swiss-made automatic mechanical and everything in between. Sapphire crystal glass covers most of their dials which are totally scratch resistant and durable.

Mr. Jones Watches are currently being sold on their website. Prices range anywhere from £115 and £1,250, depending on the style of watch that you would like. Shipping is free to ensure that you are only paying for the price of the watch and nothing more.

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