N O R T H Watches: Changing the Direction of Timepieces


Are you tired of all of the abrasive designs and loud features of most modern watches in the industry today? Want something that is sleek and beautiful without being overtly distracting? You aren’t the only one, and Forest Time Co. is here to cater to that observation with N O R T H watches. They create high quality timepieces seen through minimalist lenses that are alluring yet simple.

Two Montreal based designers who founded the company after two years of intense research and time-consuming development, created Forest Time Co. with purpose. Their dedication brought to the market timepieces that are motivated by and created after the idea that simplistic designs mixed with fine materials are what make perfection–not dizzying accessories.

Forest Time Co. believes that it is the material that makes a watch elegant and beautiful instead of the flashy designs. From the simplest yet highest quality materials such as fine brass and stainless steel casing to the genuine leather straps, you can see with your own eyes that minimalism makes for the best design. The N O R T H watch comes complete with the Miyota Japanese movement allowing the watch to not only be beautiful but reliable as well. The Miyota movement is popular because it is proven to last without having to charge an exorbitant price for the watches it powers.

N O R T H watches are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter to bring these beautifully simple watches into production. At of the time of writing, this campaign has reached $21,352 CAD of its $24,000 CAD goal with 5 days remaining.

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