NIONT Watches: A Beautiful Clash of Versatile Masculine and Feminine Styles


With so many watches available today, it is true that many of them all blend in together and become difficult to distinguish. Many timepiece makers do not take into account who will be wearing their watches and what sort of styles they are after. NIONT aims to change that by providing watches and accessories for men and women that are stylish, elegant, and easily matched to a number of different wardrobes.

Two freshmen men in a college dorm founded NIONT in 2012. They believed that in order to own luxury watches made to perfection, you don’t need to be exorbitantly wealthy. Beautiful timepieces that adhere to many occasions and styles of dress should be made available to everyone; therefore, NIONT prides themselves in the incorporation of their culture into their timepieces to create jewelry everyone can appreciate and own.

Having drawn their inspiration from some of the earliest instances of timekeeping, these watches have clear roots in the original sundial design traced back to places like Ancient Greece, Babylon, Egypt and Rome.

Each NIONT watch is handmade and crafted from high quality materials. The Sol + Luna watches work through an automatic movement that does not need batteries. By winding the watch or wearing the timepiece daily, the watch will keep moving. The watch faces of the Sol + Luna collection come in a number of materials, including variations of rose gold and platinum. Their straps come in three choices: fine Italian leather, rose gold and platinum, or colorful NATO straps. Each watch is available as a standard or winding watch.

NIONT has been using crowdfunding on Kickstarter to bring their dream to reality. For a pledge of $195 or more, you get your choice of a Sol or Luna timepiece with international shipping included. At the time of writing, the fundraiser has been cancelled, but check back soon to see about updates on this campaign. Visit their Kickstarter page for more information.

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