Nomadic Empires: Inspired by Centuries of Tradition and Heritage


While many others in the timepiece industry strive to reinvent or redefine what it means to make a well-loved watch, Amir Watches with Nomadic Empires collection does not. Instead, they find their inspiration from Nomadic Empires of old, creating watches soaked in heritage and culture, intended to be passed on from generation to generation as is the usual timepiece tradition.

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The soul of each watch in this collection is the Shanyrak, a classic symbol of home and heritage. Shanyrak, like watches today, were passed on through generations by father and son, and a family’s history was measured by the vintage appeal of their Shanyrak. Today, Nomadic Watches aim to bring that to life by providing their modern day version of Shanryak. With their intricate watch faces, the goal of the creation of these timepieces is to encourage the wearers to take the time to study and enjoy the watches every time they glance down to check the time.

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Each watch in the Nomadic Empires features a 42-millimeter case. Watches come in black, Titanium and rose gold. Inside of this case rests a domed, sapphire crystal glass that protects the inner workings of the watch and provides an anti-reflective coating for clarity. There is a rotating disk that is beautiful to watch, and a self-winding, automatic skeleton movement that strips these watches down to their bare basics.

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Currently, Amir Watches is running a Kickstarter campaign to launch the Nomadic Empires collection. Get yours by going to their Kickstarter page now, where a pledge of $179 gets you one of these beautiful and innovative watches.

Nomadic Empires  Collection at Kickstarter

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