Northskull: Bracelets for Men Go Luxurious


When you think of fine jewelry for men, you’re likely to envision pieces that are classically designed with gemstones and precious metals, the sort of pieces that you would expect your grandfather or father to wear. In the past, luxury jewelry has been synonymous with the past, but one brand is striving to change that by offering men’s jewelry designs that are of luxury quality but still reflective of the latest trends. That brand is Northskull, and their bracelets are made for men who want the very best.

Founded in 2009, Northskull offers men’s bracelets that are fashioned out of luxury grade materials. Semiprecious gemstones and Swarovski crystals are used to give the pieces color and texture. Leathers are genuine python skin, and solid precious metals are used in many designs. The range of looks is highly varied. You’ll find everything from skull bracelets to metal cuff bracelets to gemstone bracelets to metal bangle bracelets in the collection. What all of the pieces have in common is their artisan craftsmanship; skilled jewelry makers produce each bracelet by hand, which greatly adds to the high end look and feel of the pieces offered by Northskull.

Northskull bracelets are available at a number of fine retailers worldwide, but they can also be purchased directly from the brand at their official website. The bracelets are priced between $150 and $500. Many of the designs offered by Northskull are limited editions, so once their inventory sells out, the styles are gone.

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