NOWA Watches: Smart Watches with Traditional Flair


Smart watches are everywhere. As unique and helpful as they are, many people prefer the look and feel of an old-fashioned timepiece above an ultra modern smart watch. Born out of the heart of Paris, Shaper is a collection of traditionally styled watches that boast all of your favorite visual aspects of classic watches but that incorporate the functionality of modern smart watches, setting them apart from other smart watches and even traditional watches out there today.

Designed for those who mind their fitness and enjoy traveling frequently, the NOWA Shaper watch will always adjust automatically to whatever time zone you find yourself in using your smartphone. While you walk and move, it will keep track of and record any of your activity, including distance walked, steps taken and calories burned. NOWA Shaper Watches even keep an eye on you as you sleep to help you reach your goals of a healthier sleep schedule.

NOWA Shaper Smartwatch 2017 04 min

Other features include but are not limited to camera control, call rejection, call notifications and the ability to find your phone by pressing the crown. All of this is housed within a 316L stainless steel that measures 40 millimeters in diameter, and inside, a Ronda Swiss movement keeps the time reliably and accurately. Metallic markers sit beneath scratch and glare-resistant Sapphire crystal glass.

Currently, NOWA Watches are being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, NOWA has reached their goal of $35,000, raising $60,516 with three days left to go. A minimum pledge of $99 or more will get you a NOWA watch of your choice.

NOWA Shaper Smartwatch 2017 03 min

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