Objest – Affordable, Modern Swiss Made Watches


Designed to help connect watch lovers with affordable, modern Swiss watches, Objest is a watch ideal for those who are lovers of detail and the manner in which they set themselves apart from other timepieces. Created with the help of world-class watchmakers in London, every single one of these watches are made using only the highest quality materials with an eye for style and detail that no other designers can replicate.

The Objest watches are made to be large and noticeable without being too heavy or restrictive on the wrist. Each one comes with a handsome finish, such as Matte DLC black or polished stainless steel. Protecting the unique dials of these modern watches is sapphire crystal glass. Such glass is able to protect against any sort of scratch or impact damage to keep the dials safe and sound. The watches have a varying water resistance but are all sure to be able to withstand the rain. These Swiss-made watches are designed to last a lifetime and to be passed on from generation to generation–a timeless tradition translated to the modern era of timekeeping.

You can see the full collection of Objest watches at TiqToq. The prices range from 495 euro to 875 euro in the Swiss Automatic collection, and 225 euro to 395 euro in their Quartz Collection. No matter which collection you choose, each one of their watches comes with free shipping. You can get these watches shipped anywhere in the world.

The Object Collection

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