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It’s no secret that the relatively new release of the Omega MoonSwatch has rocked the world of watches. Throughout the world, Swatch stores have lines so long that it reminds you of the early days of Apple where people would camp outside in lines, sometimes sleeping there the entire night before, just for the Apple store to open its doors and allow those dedicated followers to be one of the first to buy the new iPhone or Macbook. For the average watch consumer, it begs the question, “why is this new collaboration of Omega and Swatch creating so much buzz?”, which is a great question and one that I will attempt to answer in this article, as well as discuss the new Swatch models that are out and which are trending as the most popular. 

 Before we can get into the hysteria around the new Omega MoonSwatch, first we’ll need to look at the 1000 foot view of both companies and how they fit into the watch market. Over the last 5 years, Omega and the rest of the luxury watch industry has been losing market share to Rolex, with Rolex now owning nearly 30% of the entire market just by itself. In addition, Omega has been the 2nd largest Swiss watch manufacturer for a long time and held its market share very well. However, last year, Cartier overtook Omega’s spot as the 2nd largest watch manufacturer in the world, which meant it was time for Omega to do something to prevent their brand from continuing to lose market share. What ended up happening was Nick Hayek Jr., CEO of the Swatch Group which is the company that owns Omega among several other luxury timepiece brands, came up with one of the most crazy and genius marketing strategies that we’ve seen from luxury watch brands, which was he was going to use the iconic Omega Speedmaster dial and combine it with a Swatch casing and a quartz movement. If that wasn’t crazy enough, they were going to sell it for only $260 bucks. What that means is, now a watch consumer can wear a watch that looks so much like a true $5,000 Omega Speedmaster from a distance, for a low price of only $260 bucks. Needless to say, the Omega Swatch has been a huge hit and is creating demand in the quartz category unlike we’ve seen in modern history. This monumental and novel collaboration has opened the doors of luxury timepieces to a much broader audience of potential collectors that can now own an iconic looking watch at a very accessible price point. 

Next, we’ll go into detail about the Omega MoonSwatch and cover the similarities and differences to the actual Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch it’s meant to look like. In terms of the casing, the case structure of the Swatch is so similar to the Moonwatch, that it’s actually possible to swap bracelets of the two watches and have them fit, once again conveying the idea of being able to wear a watch that costs $260 bucks but looks like a watch that costs $5,000 bucks. Not only that, in addition to the same size of 42 millimeters, the MoonSwatch also has the same crown and chronograph design. As for the strap, to represent the spirit of democratization as well as the sense of space exploration, the MoonSwatch is fitted on a velcro strap that allows you to tailor fit the watch to your wrist. Swatch brought to the table their bioceramic case material as well as 11 different colors to choose from. As for the differences, the case is 50 meters water resistant on an Omega Speedmaster, while it’s only 30 meters splash resistant for the MoonSwatch. 

To continue, we’ll now go over the different options available for the MoonSwatch. 

Mission to the Sun

Source: Swatch

The first timepiece on the list is the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to the Sun”. Once glance at the color, and you will see why the name is so fitting. The color coat is called sunbrush gold and with the white sub-dial on the white strap, this model will definitely stand out for anybody wearing it. 

       Mission to Mercury

Source: Swatch

The next timepiece we’ll go over is the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Mercury”. This color combo is far less flashy than its Mission to the Sun counterpart. The black dial on this model looks extremely similar to the original Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch dial, and the gray bracelet gives it an overall subtle but sharp look.  

Mission to Venus

Source: Swatch

Next on this list is the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Venus”. This one is a bit different because it has oval sub-dials as opposed to the traditional circle sub-dials. It comes with a white dial combined with a pink case and white strap. 

Mission on Earth

Source: Swatch

To continue, we have the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission on Earth”. This celebrates our own planet by using two colors of the year in the recent era, blue and green. Not only is it green, but it’s a mint green to make it more appealing to the eye. 

Mission to Mars

Source: Swatch

Next on this list is the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Mars”. This model has been the most popular out of all 11 MoonSwatch models. The reason for this is it’s designed to look like the Omega “Alaska Project” Speedmaster that continues to go up in value.  

Mission to Jupiter

Source: Swatch

To follow, we have the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Jupiter”. Similar to the Mission to Mars model, this model takes inspiration from another highly coveted Omega Speedmaster. These models are some of the rarest models of the Swatch lineup. 

Mission to Saturn 

Source: Swatch

To continue, we have the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Saturn”. It comes in a versatile beige with a Saturn ring going around the bottom sub-dial. 

Mission to Pluto

Source: Swatch

Next, is the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Pluto”. It combines the safety of a gray case with a pop of burgundy both on the bezel and on the sub-dials. 

Mission to Neptune

Source: Swatch

To continue, we have the Omega MoonSwatch “Mission to Neptune”. It comes in a deep blue that stands out and will be an eye-catcher. 


To conclude, we covered the madness behind the mania of the Omega MoonSwatch as well as some of the most popular models. Now it’s up to our readers to determine whether all the hype is justified or not. 


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