Paradigm Watches: Fighting Homelessness, One Watch at a Time


Oftentimes in the modern watchmaking industry, companies strive to simply create watches that sell in order to reap the most profit possible. Paradigm Watches sets itself apart from most other watch companies in the way that they view their profits as a reward for society instead of solely a reward for themselves. The company states that it knows what it takes to be a great company, not just a good one. The line between great and good rests in the idea that a great company uses their profits in order to give back to the community, while a good company simply keeps all profits for themselves.

Aiming to be one of those great companies, Paradigm delivers luxury watches that retail for over $3,000, but start at the low price of $199. Through its services, the company focuses less on earning money for itself and more on funds for its charitable work. Paradigm accomplishes this by taking 10 percent of its profits and giving them to a number of first world countries including North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, to help combat the homelessness of women and children. By creating luxury watches for the entire family at a 90 percent discount, Paradigm is able to produce fabulous products that ultimately benefit first world nations before benefiting itself. By eliminating extra staff and the need for a storefront, it passes these savings directly on to the customer.

Paradigm watches

The striking Paradigm watches are available in: men’s black and silver; women’s silver with a Mother of Pearl face; and children’s editions in black and silver. The timepieces feature domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal watch faces. Reliable Swiss mechanical movements can be found inside along with half-skeleton backs. The watches are water resistant up to 100 meters and feature a motivational message inscribed on the back of the women’s and men’s watches, as well as an engraved message from the parents on the children’s watches.

Paradigm is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to bring its dreams of charitable watches to life. As of the time of writing, it has achieved $8,562 of its $15,236 goal with 18 days to go. Pledge an amount of $259 or more for a children’s watch with the option to pledge more for the men and women’s versions.

Learn more at Kickstarter

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