Parr & Co. Watches Unveils an All Occasion Men’s Watch


How many watches does a man need? While collectors may want to amass a large collection of timepieces, Parr & Co. Watches believes that the everyday man shouldn’t have to feel as if he needs to have different watches to suit every occasion. That’s why the brand has introduced what they call the all occasion watch, a timepiece that can be worn for any casual occasion as well as to work.

Based in Miami, Florida, Parr & Co. Watches makes high-end timepieces with automatic Swiss movements, stainless steel case backs and sapphire crystal cases. The brand takes an evergreen approach to design, meaning that they focus on creating watches that don’t just suit dressing for work and play today; they also will remain stylish over the years. As a result, the timepieces are a real investment, yet they are still available for affordable prices.

Parr Co. Watches wristshot

Parr & Co. Watches is bringing their line of sophisticated timepieces directly to consumers with a product launch through Kickstarter. With 19 days left in the campaign at the time this was written, the brand had already surpassed their goal of $20,000, having earned $31,374 from more than 170 backers. The first stretch goal with optional tweed and silicone straps has also been unlocked.

Parr Co. Watches

If the campaign continues to prove successful, Parr & Co. Watches plans to add rose gold finishes to their timepiece and other unique features like easy-to-swap push pin straps. It will be interesting to see just how much the brand is able to raise when the campaign is finally finished.

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