Pegasus Venezia Watches: Inspired by History, Ready for the Future


Venice, Italy, is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Millions flock here to see the sights and to cruise the canals, all while enjoying the history of the city. Not just a center for culture and tourism, Venice has also long been a center for artisan craftsmanship with fine furniture having been crafted out of wood here for centuries. Now, one brand is drawing on the past of the city and the tradition of vintage timepieces to create a stunning new line of watches, the Pegasus Venezia collection.

The Pegasus Venezia Watch is unlike anything else that’s currently available in the world of fine watches. While many brands offer vintage-inspired timepieces today, few go through the trouble of actually aging their materials to give you the true look of a genuine antique. That’s where Pegasus Venezia has raised the bar–their timepieces are made from materials that are aged in Italy in order to give them that distinguished look that until now you could only get from a genuine vintage design that would cost thousands to purchase.


At the heart of Pegasus Venezia Watches are wooden boxes that are carefully crafted by hand and then carefully aged. The dials, hands and super luminous indices of each watch are similarly manufactured using artisan crafting techniques and then are allowed to take on an aged patina to enhance the effect. To protect the face, the watches are finished with aged glass, but modern sapphire crystal is used to ensure scratch resistance and durability.

The straps on Pegasus Venezia Watches add to that vintage chic allure perfectly. Each one is produced by hand in Tuscany out of premium genuine leather. Distressed and ultra soft, the straps feel broken in the moment that you buckle them for the first time, so the Pegasus Venezia Watches don’t just look like vintage watches–they feel like them, too.

Raved about by numerous top blogs and publications, Pegasus Venezia Watches are of unbeatable quality. The watches are assembled in a 100 percent dust free environment to ensure that nothing interferes with the reliability of the finished watches. Quality materials go into every watch. The timepieces are powered by 24 automatic jewel movements and have 316L stainless steel cases with aluminum unidirectional rotatable aluminum coin edge bezels. Available in an array of colors, the watches are ideal for every day, as they are durable and have a look that works for any occasion.


The Pegasus Venezia Watches are being introduced through a Kickstarter campaign slated to launch on September 15, 2016. There are many different pledge rewards, giving men the chance to purchase the new watches for up to 46 percent off the future retail price. Sure to be successful due to the buzz the brand has already generated, the campaign will close out after 30 days with watches on schedule to be shipped in April 2017. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and claim your reward before they’re all gone.

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