PureDial Watches: Throwing a Curve Into Timepiece Design


Watches have changed in terms of their technology over the centuries, but up until now, no innovative watch maker has ever been able to solve one basic design flaw with watches–while your wrist is curved watches are flat so the fit is never perfect. Until now. PureDial Watches has revamped the design of the traditional watch to finally make the case fit perfectly against your wrist.

An LA-based company founded by designer Ziv Nissimov, PureDial Watches features a revolutionary curved case. The entire design had to be created from scratch and improved upon again and again, but finally the brand has succeeded in creating a dial that is curved and easy to read.

The first watch to be produced by PureDial is the Square Legacy, a timepiece inspired by antique watches from the 1860s. The watch is available in a number of finishes and with a variety of genuine leather strap colors. A Japanese Miyota 2315 quartz movement powers the watch’s three-hand motion and date indicator.

To introduce the PureDial Square Legacy Watch to the market, PureDial launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 30, 2016, with a goal of raising $5000. At the time this profile was written, the campaign was just 6 days in but had already generated $2005 in revenue from more than 20 backers, putting the campaign on a course for success. There were still a number of rewards available to claim, including deeply discounted early bird deals on the Square Legacy watch.

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