Regia Timepieces: Giving Men the Royal Treatment


When a man invests in a new timepiece, he wants the very best, but that doesn’t mean that he wants to spend a fortune. Traditionally, men who wanted truly luxurious timepieces had to save or splurge with a credit card to treat themselves to what they desire, but now, a new watch company is changing that. Called Regia Timepieces, this small watchmaker is producing watches that are fit for a king but available for a reasonable price.

Regia Timepieces was named after the Spanish word “Regia,” which means “Royal.” The name of the company reflects the brand’s commitment to offering only the finest quality watches to men. Their first timepiece, the Amare Regatta, has a number of unique features, including:

  • 44-millimeter wide case that is 13-millimeters thick to make the watch not just suitable for men but also for women
  • Fixed dodecagon bezel with 10 sides that gives the watch a very unique shape
  • Custom made NH35 automatic self-winding 21600 BPH movements
  • Sapphire crystal or dome plexiglass faces
  • Water resistance up to 10 Atmospheres
  • Contrast stitched leather straps that are 24 millimeters wide by 5 millimeters thick

regia watches

At the present time, Regia Timepieces are available for purchase exclusively from the brand’s online store. The Regia Timepieces Amare Regatta watch is currently retailing for $350 with free shipping to destinations all over the world. The timepieces are produced in very small batches of just 100 pieces, so quantities of each style are limited.

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