Rolex New Releases 2021


Here we are folks, and we had an interesting Rolex new release. There was a lot of crying, but there were some interesting new options for Rolex buyers. Being too soon to tell, but it looks like we have a couple more watches you won’t be able to buy retail, and it looks like the Grey market may have fun over the next months. Let’s take a look at the new releases

Rolex New Releases 2021

The Datejust

This is one of the entry level Rolex. The last Rolex release involved the Oyster Perpetual. You were able to get the new color dials in any size. The 41mm has always been the most popular size and that is clear in the appreciation enjoyed by the 41mm OP released at that time. This round of releases contained the 36mm Datejust, while ignoring the 41. Rolex instantly handicapped themselves when they limited the new styles to this size. There has always been lower demand for the 36mm, check for yourself the number for sale compared to the 41. I am of the opinion that the best course of action would have been a duplicate of the last release. With precious metals dominating the whole event, I can understand this restriction.

Perhaps the most polarizing look is the green palm dial. Rolex is not known for extreme dial patterns. This is a departure from the norm on this particular model. Not everyone is a fan and there has been an unusually high number of grumblings from the classic fans of the brand. A bright spot in this lineup, the Rolesor Everose with silver dial is actually a stunner. If they had made a 41mm version, I think Rolex could have had a new classic. 

The fluted dial is almost the same story. It seems too busy for the brand. I’m grateful they didn’t try anything bold color wise. I feel there is too much going on with this one. The Datejust has always been a Rolex proving ground, but the only thing they have proved to me is sometimes, less is more. 

Rolex was a little smarter with the Lady Datejust. The 28mm classic for the more beautiful people in the world received two simple but stunning new releases. White gold or yellow gold, iced out with a Roman Dial, also covered with diamonds. This release is a bit over the top, but in the right way. The ladies made out better with these new Datejust releases.

The Explorer

Rolex was far more conservative in these two new Explorer models. A more noticeable change was introduced with the Explorer model itself. Larger sizes are still more desirable, so the change to a 36mm model was a surprise. It does have an historical significance. The original explorer, famous for being influenced by the famed mountaineers, was originally a 36mm watch. This is a classic size, and a nod to the original. Is it better than having the 39mm model? Most have said absolutely not, and prices of the 39mm are already starting to climb, but I am not so sure it’s a problem. They also gave us the first Rolesor model in the lineup. With a two-tone yellow/stainless Explorer, this is the last model to receive the treatment. I am not a fan, as the ultimate tool watch, the Explorer deserves to be all stainless, but the classic Rolesor look is nice on almost anything. It changes the Explorer too much. This version became just another dress watch.

The biggest news, or lack thereof, was in the Explorer II model. Rolex switched out the gloss for a matte finish, and got rid of the ghost hands. The new matte makes perfect sense as the contrast is the correct design on this model. The watch trimmed some loose fat and now has the upgraded movement. This is a benefit and for some, a hindrance. The quality of this new movement is a miss among current enthusiasts. I must say that the new dimensions are nicely balanced. They did a fine job with the new, slimmer lugs and the bracelet upgrade was not a drastic distortion of the original.

The Daytona

The flagship in the world of Rolex collectors, the Daytona was probably the most well-thought-out release. Rolex reintroduces the meteor dial, and this time on the most in demand model in the Rolex collection. The Daytona wait list is going to grow the next few months, as Rolex has given us the most exciting new Daytonas we’ve ever seen. 

Two of the Daytonas stand out. Everose is stunning, this meteorite dial is sensational matched to Everose. If the green dial, yellow gold is the current pinnacle of Daytona, this could be the summiteer. Every faith should be placed in this model reaching the green heights. The market will show us the way. I will be watching this market.

The white gold Oysterflex is the next model. This color combination is a classic, add in the meteorite dial and you have a proper update. The Oysterflex bracelet is the correct choice. The contrast and comfort form a powerful bond with the wearer. A classic re imagined properly will become a new classic. This release has that ability. 


This release was polarizing. Most of the releases were a disappointment, but Rolex has given us an instant classic. If you are able to pick one up I would recommend the new Explorer 36mm, and either of the two Daytonas I mentioned. The watches will look amazing on you, and should hold their value well. People are already complaining about the other lines. I would only look here if you are in love with one. If you are impressed, I understand. If you are disappointed, I understand. Rolex is always this way, and there are no signs of change on the horizon.

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