Sekford Watches: Modern Aesthetics, Traditional Design


Sekford Watches was founded with one thing in mind, which was to take advantage of the craftsmanship of old when it comes to fine timepieces. While a number of other watchmakers tend to capitalize on what is currently trendy across the world, Sekford strives to bring their British roots into the manufacturing of their timepieces, creating a unique and modernistic approach to traditional timepieces. Sekford creates dress watches that are accessible by all so that everyone can possess a bit of traditional style coupled with contemporary sleekness.

Sekford Watches

The name Sekford is derived from a street located in Clerkenwell, London, Sekforde Street, brings to mind an area that was once one of the most prominent and important hubs for watchmaking. The very first Sekford watch was inspired by the time-honored tradition of British watchmaking that was so often seen on this street. These watches were characterized by crisp, clean white space on the dial and bespoke fonts.

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Sekford’s founding principles include timeless beauty and high Swiss Made quality, meticulous craftsmanship that yields modern watches that will last for decades, not only in the sense of their durability and resiliency but in the way their styles will not fall out of fashion trends for years to come. Each of their dress watches is made using only the finest materials and features a minimalistic and clean design, allowing them to be worn during any formal occasion, no matter the attire that the wearer has chosen.

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