Squale Watches: Timepieces Ready for the Sea


Diver watches have become fashionable accessories for showing off on dry land, but these timepieces began as functional gear for those who wanted to explore the deep. Today, it can be difficult for men who want to find a diver watch to wear for the original purpose of diver’s watches, as so many of the styles on the market today are now made for fashion rather than function. Squale is a unique brand of diving watches that lives up to its promise of optimal performance in the water while delivering timepieces of incredible style.

While many men are discovering Squale for the first time, divers have known about the watch for decades. The first Squale watches hit the market in the 1960s, and over the years, their timepieces have been worn by the Italian Folgore Brigade and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps. All of the watches feature Swiss precision movement systems and other Swiss components. Their Swiss 316L stainless steel cases are able to withstand the effects of deep water divers superbly. Every watch is produced in Switzerland at the brand’s own factory to provide timepieces of incomparable quality, and all of the designs reflect Scandinavian modern design sensibilities for a fashionable look.

Squale watches are sold at fine retailers all over the world, but to shop their full collection of professional diving watches, you can buy direct at their online store. Prices range from 800€ to 1500€, and the brand ships worldwide.


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