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The microbrand from Hamburg, Germany, has made a name for itself in the watchfam very quickly. Operating under a business model that prioritizes honesty, straightforwardness, and style over anything else, STERNGLAS is a company that has been trusted to create top quality watches for a very reasonable price point. This company specializes in creating fashionable timepieces that take cues from traditional styles of watches with a modern design flair, helping to keep the tradition of timekeeping alive in the modern era.


Sternglas Zirkel Wristshot

The case of the STERNGLAS Zirkel is made of 316L stainless steel and has a brushed finish. It is very well machined and finsihed, with reduced and sleek lines. With a diameter of 40mm, the Zirkel suits the average wrist size very good. The case height is 10mm, but the doomed saphire cristal adds additional height of approx 2mm. So the overall hight of the watch with approx. 12mm may be a little high for some people with thinner wrists. The overall proportions, are well balanced in our opinion. Automatic watches are a little thicker always, because of the self-winding rotor, that is attached to the movement. Very slim movements, cause a much higher price of the watch.

The timeless watch design is perfectly suitable for both, the office and leisure time. Matte black hands on a non busy matte white dial makes it easy to read the watch and keeps it minimalistic. The dial comes in two version black and white. We chose the white dial for this review, because it makes the perfect summer watch and so many watches already come with a black dial, so it’s nice to wear a white dial now and then. The date field positioned at the 3 o’clock position, which gives the watch a little asymmetry and which we personally like very much. The milanaise bracelet wears really comfortable, and matches the watch design very well.


STERNGLAS and WB Original Straps

The minimalistic design of Sternglas watches make them perfectly combinable with our WB Original Straps collection. For people, who don’t like metal bracelets, we have the perfect alternatives. No matter if leather-, canvas-, or nylon straps, the Zirkel makes a good figure on all our straps.


STERNGLAS various minimalistic collection

STERNGLAS has a variety of different watches available under their numerous collections, including the Naos, Naos Sunburst, Naos Automatik, Junis 38, Zirkel and the Topograph, offering a broad span of timepieces to choose from. With as many watches as they offer, they also bring you the chance to accessorize them in the way that best suits your styles with their huge selection of watch straps as well. Their watches include leather in a number of versatile and neutral colors like mocha, gray and black, as well as different types of metal chain straps to provide different levels of style and sophistication. No matter the combination of timepieces and straps you choose, each one is made to the highest quality specifications to give you a timepiece that is every bit as fashionable as it is durable. The Zirkel will come in the same carton-box as all the Sternglas watches come in, with lovely black cutted filling material. In the box, as usual, you will get the watch, instructions and warranty.

Sternglas Zirkel watch and box


Sternglas watches Zirkel Miyota movement case back

Turning the watch around, you can take a look to the mechanical movement through the glass case back. It’s not a German watch movement tho, but a very well known and relieable caliber 821A from the japanese manufacturer Miyota. It has 21 jewels, it beats at 21,600 BPH and has a power reserve of 42hours when fully wounded. On the case back, you will see some specifications engraved in German, which is a nice detail to the origin of the company and design of the watch. For a strap change there are no tools needed, thanks to the quick-change system.

The STERNGLAS timepieces are available for sale on their official website. There, you will find watches ranging in price from $147 to $374 depending on the model. All items come with free shipping around the world.

STERNGLAS worked on the height of the Zirkel, and the new Zirkel model is 17% slimmer than the model in this review. Using the new caliber 9015 from the traditional japanese manufacturer Miyota does not only improve the technical accuracy of the watch, but also enabled to reduce the thickness of the case.

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