Stilkompaniet Bracelets: Made for Self Expression


Why do men wear bracelets? The answer is simple–to express themselves. The jewelry accessories that you choose to wear reflect your individuality and tastes, or at least they should. All too often it seems, though, that bracelets for men are simple copies of one another with everything looking much the same. As a result, men end up simply following trends rather than setting them. Stilkompaniet was founded to change that and offer something different for gents who want to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Stilkompaniet is a brand that creates bracelets made to reflect men’s individuality. As a result, the collection includes a wide variety of looks and designs. There are edgy beaded bracelets with silver plated skulls and beaded bracelets with modern cube bead accents included in the collection. In addition, Stilkompaniet offers cord and beaded bracelets for men and beaded bracelets finished with engraved charms. Along with their bracelets, Stilkompaniet designs replacement watch straps. These accessories can be purchased on their own as well as in matching sets with select bracelets. The latter option is perfect for men who are new to mixing and matching accessories and want a foolproof way to make a striking fashion statement.

Currently, Stilkompaniet bracelets, watch straps and other accessories are available for purchase from the brand’s official online store. The bracelets range in price from $22 to $70, depending on their size and materials. Stilkompaniet will ship to locations all over the world.

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