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UTS Watches: A German Case with a Swiss Heart

[ad_1] As a diver, you are well aware that not every single watch on the [...]

Archimede Watches: German Precision in Timekeeping

[ad_1] With new watch brands seeming to pop up and then quickly disappear from the [...]

Nicholas and Manfred Watches: Swiss Designed. German Manufactured

[ad_1] A Swiss and German watch designer collaborated to create these watches, a beautiful blend [...]

STERNGLAS Zeitmesser – German Minimalist Microbrand

[ad_1] The microbrand from Hamburg, Germany, has made a name for itself in the watchfam very quickly. [...]

Hands on: VANDAAG Tiefsee – North German Casualness

[ad_1] VANDAAG is a young watch manufacturer, but they already have a 20 years long [...]

VANDAAG Primus Automatic – Timeless German Simplicity

[ad_1] Clean, simple and functional; These design principles have always been the requirements for typical [...]