Tempus Wood Watches: Sustainable, Stylish Timepieces for Every Wrist


Oftentimes many watchmaking manufacturers are focused on creating a flashy, attention-grabbing design that forsakes the environment if that means they get to create the next hottest trend in timepieces. Tempus Wood Watches is different. Able to be a fashionable and trendy while protecting the environment at once, they create dazzling, handcrafted timepieces from biodegradable reclaimed wood to ensure that the planet doesn’t pay the price of your fashion choices.

Born out of a trip to Chi Chi Tunnel in Vietnam, the inspiration for Tempus Wood Watches was inspired by a single purchase of a wooden bracelet from a man suffering the effects of Agent Orange. Cherished as the bracelet was, the founder would wear the bracelet all of the time. As it rested next to his watch, he saw how well they looked side by side and began to get the idea that a watch made from wood would be an exceptionally beautiful thing to have.


Thus was created Tempus Wood Watches, a company that strives to keep their eco-impact low by using only reclaimed wood from around the world. Knowing that otherwise this wood would have been disposed of, Tempus Wood Watches takes it and turns it into gorgeous, stylish watches. It is for this reason Tempus Wood Watches considers themselves as much of a lifestyle company as they are a watch company. Aside from their eco-friendly mindset, Tempus Wood Watches also realizes that the success of the company is dependent on the customers, therefore they aim to provide only the best in customer service while delivering quality products every time.

Tempus Wood Watches are made for both men and women and are crafted from a beautiful selection of reclaimed sandalwood. These 100% natural and biodegradable watches employ a thin GL30 Analog Quartz Movement to allow them to be lightweight and compact. Each watch comes with a beautiful wooden face dial and availability of a variety of thicknesses to suit any taste or occasion.

Tempus Wood Watches generally sell for $79.99 and their shipping is completely free! You can find their watches on their site or through an authorized retailer.


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