The 5 best Rules to follow when Watch Collecting


When you want to start watch collecting, you will meet so many smart people who will give you pieces of advice about which watch you should buy first. The first time I thought about buying my first luxury watch, I had no idea which watch would be best to break my watch virginity. At first, I had no friends who liked watches, but over time, I became friends with like-minded people who enjoyed watches as well. 

When you start collecting watches, you should focus on these 5 rules  

  • #1 Buy what you like
  • #2 Buy the best quality you can afford
  • #3 Buy the seller
  • #4 Keep on learning
  • #5 Don’t compare to other watch collectors.

#1 Buy what you like

I can’t stress enough that you should never buy a watch you do not like. Each watch will speak to you in some way, and it becomes part of your daily life. It’s like getting married to someone who was recommended by your friends because they thought you would like her. There are such things as love at first sight, however its not as common as we would like it to be. 

The good thing about watches is that if you buy a watch, you do not like, you will not lose half of your net worth. When choosing your timepiece to be part of your watch collection, focus on things that make you excited about watches.

You might like specific designs, specific case sizes, colors, the material used, or even the history of the particular timepiece. 

For me, I love sporty looking watches due to my active lifestyle, but that does not mean that I do not like to wear business watches for some special occasions. It’s great to be able to wear different watches for different occasions, which fit my personality.

The 5 best Rules to follow when Watch Collecting
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#2 Buy the best quality you can afford

Every time I start looking for a new watch to add to my watch collection, I make sure that it’s the best watch I can afford at that moment. If there are similar watches at two different price points, I always buy the better quality timepiece. More expensive does not always mean better. Sometimes, watches on the secondary market are much better choices than a brand new watch from the store, and you might save thousands of dollars when you buy a pre-owned watch from reputable places.

When you buy the best quality watch you can afford, you will minimize potential headaches such as servicing the watch much more often, or the watch does not perform as advertised. 

You don’t want to go for a dive with the timepieces in the turquoise ocean along the Hawaiian coastline and realizing that the watch is not waterproof at all. From a super ecstatic experience, you will become super pissed off, and your Hawaiian vacation will not be as pleasant as it could be.

#3 Buy the seller

Every single time, I am buying a new watch, from a source I do not know, I want to make sure that the seller is reputable.

When you are “buying the seller,” first, you need to make sure that the person does not hide anything. In general, people who are trying to hide facts are probably not the best to deal with.

Personally, when I am selling watches to my clients, I always respond fast and provide any pictures or information I can get for the specific watch. By providing the best customer service, I am increasing trust between the buyer and me.

This applies the same way to the person I am buying the watch from. I understand that sometimes, you are not able to talk to the person who is selling the watch directly because some platforms do not allow that.

When you are looking for the watches on a watch marketplace that allows you to talk to the sellers directly, you will be able to get a better sense of the seller right away by asking questions about the watch.

However, when you re buying a brand new watch from an authorized dealer, you do not have to worry about getting screwed; the only thing which might not be as positive is the look you will have when you see your bank account right after you paid for the watch.

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#4 Keep on learning

Collecting watches is a never-ending journey, and you will realize that the more you get into buying new watches for your collection, the more you want to learn about them. I never enjoyed learning in school, but when it came to watches, I could spend hours reading about a potential watch to add to my watch collection.

The key is to keep on learning because the more you know about the specific watch, the less likely you will get scammed by buying a watch, which is not the right watch.

Also, by learning, you will learn about other watches, which might be an excellent addition to your collection. There are many great resources to help you gain horological knowledge.

You can search for various watch blogs or join the best watch forums. The choice is yours.

#5 Don’t compare to other watch collectors.

This one might be the most important rule to follow because by comparing yourself to other people, you might be collecting watches that do not speak to you or are out of your budget.

By comparing yourself to other watch collectors, you will feel like your collection is never large enough, the watches are never unique or expensive enough. Stop right there!

When I am looking to add watches to my collection, I want to make sure that those watches are the ones I want to have regardless of what other people think. They have no idea why I chose the watches, why I like them as well as what my financial situation is.

It’s like having kids, and people telling you how to raise them. People don’t know your kids and whether or not they may be tired or hungry. You are the only one who knows what is going on, and the same applies to watch collecting.

If you follow these five rules of watch collecting, I am pretty sure that you will be on the right path, which will make you happy. Watch collecting can be a life long journey, and I hope you will be able to enjoy it because when you start, you will realize that there is no way back due to its addictive nature. You will spend hours searching for the right watch, watching Youtube videos as well as browsing Instagram pictures for inspiration.

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