The Akrone K-02 Diver Watch Makes a Splash


Akrone made headlines with the launch of their first timepiece, which set the record for the best Kickstarter launch for an automatic watch project. Now, the watchmaker is back with the Akrone K-02 Diver Watch!

The Akrone K-02 Diver Watch is an automatic diver’s watch that is assembled in France. Its case is made out of brushed titanium giving it a level of strength that is unmatched by conventional stainless steel timepieces. Titanium is also remarkably lightweight, making the K-02 comfortable to wear.

Paired with the titanium case of the Akrone K-02 Diver Watch is a sleek ceramic bezel with raised numbers that were produced with a custom mold. The unique hands inspired by buoys found in the sea and the minimalist bar markers are luminous for easy reading. A true diver watch, the timepiece has been sea tested and found to be waterproof to an incredible depth of 267 meters.

The Akrone K-02 Diver Watch is debuting through a Kickstarter campaign that has garnered a tremendous amount of interest, and it’s easy to understand why when you consider all of the features of the timepiece. When the campaign launched, the funding goal was just $55,642, but the campaign has blown that goal away. Now, the total amount pledged exceeds $192,000 with 11 days to go as of the time this piece was written. That means you’re guaranteed to end up with your reward if you pledge! There are still many rewards left to claim and some exciting stretch goals.

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