The Benefits of Working with a Watch Trader

1695316364 The Benefits of Working with a Watch Trader

Working with a watch trader has many benefits. The most significant advantage is that you will save time by not having to look for the watch you want. Yes, if you look on your own and find the watch, you might get a better price, but in the end, it might not be worth it. If you know whats your time worth and you love watches, it might be wise to have a watch trader as your friend.

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When you are working with watch traders, you might have to learn the way the relationship works.

When you contact your watch concierge, you will know the range of a possible purchase price. If the price seems reasonable to you, you will put down a not refundable deposit or the full payment for the watch. This way, the watch concierge knows you are serious and will work fast to get you the watch. Just remember, the deposit in most cases is not refundable. 

Top benefits of working with a watch trader

  • Save Time
  • Don’t Get Scammed
  • Get educated
  • Buy the right watches
  • Get deals
  • Get to know other watch people

Save Time

Time is one commodity we cannot get back. By having a watch trader looking for your watch, you will be able to save a lot of time. Many great watch traders have a vast network of people they are working with, which means you will be able to get the watch even faster than you might think.

Don’t Get Scammed

By having an experienced person to search for the watch you want, you are getting protected by a potential scam. Because the risk is solely on the watch trader, who is sourcing the watch for you. In general, the watches they source come from a reputable source, and there is a way to get all the money back, but if you are the one trying to buy the watch on eBay or some other marketplace, you might not be as lucky.

Just imagine, you buy a Rolex watch, and you find out that the watch is fake. When you contact the seller, he does not respond, and you are out of money and out of a watch.

Get educated

You heard that knowledge is power. By having a person who understands watches, you will get access to someone who understands the trade.

I have a client who is trying to upgrade his watch collection to Rolex Pepsi. He asked me if he should get the Rolex Yachtmaster as an investment. He would use the Rolex Yachtmaster is a trade-up watch when the right Pepsi comes. I explained to him what he might expect when the trade comes up. 

Many watch traders spend hours on watch forums, and other platforms to stay up to date about the horological world that you do not have to. They will be able to educate you on various watch topics and interesting facts in the industry.

Buy the right Investment watches.

There are many watch brands; you can choose from, some are better than others. But do you know, which watches are the once which keeps its value better? By having a watch trader, you will be able to get his opinion about the potential appreciation of certain watches. 

You should not focus on watch investing when getting watches, but honestly, many people who want to buy certain watches, they are looking for the way they can make money in the future. They rather purchase a wearable asset than having money in the bank. 

Get deals

Do you ever wonder, how is it possible that some of your friends have such a hard to get watches? One of the reason is that they have a source of getting the hard to get timepieces.  

Many watch traders are keeping lists of their clients, and when they get a watch in their possession they text, email or call the client who is or might be interested in the watch they have. That allows you to buy the watch before they try to sell it outside of their clientele.

Get to know other watch people

If you live close to your watch trader, you will get invited to some events he organizes. I organize monthly meetups when I meet with my watch friends as well as my clients, where we have food and drinks. By having access to like-minded people who enjoy watches, you will be able to increase your valuable network as well. 

By having a passion for watches, it is very hard not to connect with other people who enjoy watches. I have never experience anybody mad talking to him about his fantastic watch he was wearing that day.

The author of this watch blog is Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

The Benefits of Working with a Watch Trader

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