The Best Luxury Watches For Successful Sales People

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What is the best luxury watch for people who are selling for a living? Are you a salesperson who would like to meet influent clients and make them feel like you are part of their inner circle? There are specific watches, which increase your reputation right away. You might think that the Rolex submariner is the right watch because everyone knows that watch, but you might be surprised about other watches, which are great for a salesman.

The right watches might be less known by many, but when someone recognized the watch, they know that you are the real deal.

If you are wearing Patek Philippe, Audemars Piquet, or hard to get Rolex, Pepsi might have an opportunity to start a great conversation with your potential clients. If you are working with ultra-wealthy clients, you should look for the more unique watches, which are sold above $20,000 because not that many people are wearing expensive watches.

The Best Luxury Watches For Successful Sales People

Who are the salespeople who should get a luxury watch?

If your profession requires to meet with a wealthy individual, I would recommend purchasing a luxury timepiece.

  • Car Sales Man 
  • Real Estate broker
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Financial Planners
  • Insurance Agent
  • Banker 

You will be surprised how much faster you will be able to connect with your potential clients. You might be thinking that you need a timepiece worth ten’s of thousands of dollars, but you are mistaken. There are great watches for a lower price point as well.

Here are the watches I recommend for salespeople

Price Range $1,500-$4,000

In this price range, you can get great watches as a salesperson. If you are starting to purchase your first luxury watch and you are new to your job, look at his price range, because you will be surprised how nice these watches are. 

Omega Seamster Planet Ocean you can buy anywhere from $2,500-$2,900. Omega watches are timeless and feel very comfortable on the wrist. If you are an active person, you can swap the stainless bracelet for strap or NATO. The watch is very versatile and will allow you to enjoy an energetic lifestyle.

Breitling Avenger is possible to get around $3,500, but when you do, you will realize that you got a great deal because those watches are trendy among watch enthusiast alike. The watch has many different case sizes. It comes on a bracelet or on the strap which and you can pick the choice which fits your lifestyle.

Cartier Roadster GMT has a great looking watch, and you can buy it around $4,000. The dial is straightforward to read, and If you want to get noticed, this watch is perfect. They do not make this watch anymore, but you will see that the watch is so much for your money. The MSRP used to be more than $7,000. The watch is excellent and very popular among people around the world.

Tudor has many watches which you can purchase in this price range. Because the same company makes Rolex, you will get the same quality, with a different name. I highly recommend to check out this brand as well. I have owned several Tudor watches, and every time I got many compliments.

Price Range $4,000-$8,000

This price range is one of the best once because you can buy very expensive watches in the secondary market with a significant discount compared to a new one. When you are looking to step up your luxury watch game, you will be noticed when you are selling Lamborghini in your showroom while wearing Hublot Big Bang Carbon which you can purchase around $8,000.

Hublot Big Bang is one of the entry lever watches for Hublotand they are the most desirable Hublot watches among people who are looking to get started with Hublot. The design is very modern, and it attracts many people who are around cars. 

Ulysse Nardin is another watch brand, which speaks loudly about its owner. When you are wearing such an elegant timepiece on your wrist, people will wonder what type of watch are you wearing. I had the opportunity to own several of them, and every time I wore one, people could not believe how pretty the watch is in person.

If you ever look for Ulysse Nardin, make sure the case size is at least 42mm. You can have different colors of the dial such as black, white, or blue, which are among the most popular.

Panerai Luminor 1950 is one of the most popular for Panerai watch lover. The case1950 is very comfortable on its wrist, and it’s so much value for your money that you will be super exciting when you wear one of them on your wrist. The watch is very noticeable, especially when you are wearing polished stainless steel. The shine is fantastic, and the watch dial is so easy to read and noticed that this watch would be a great conversation starter when you are selling your products.

There are other Panerai watches which you can buy in this price range for your position as a sale person. If you do not like this Panerai, you should look into Panerai Submersible because those are super nice watches. The bezel is different because its a diver watch, but the watch itself feels great on your wrist.

Rolex watches can be purchased in this price range as well; If you are looking into a used watches online, you should be able to see Rolex Submariner Date, Rolex Milgauss or Rolex Explorer in this price range. Because Rolex watches are so popular, the watch speaks for you. People will notice your Rolex.

I like to wear different watches rather than wearing the well know watches as other people. You do not want to be the guy who has the same watches as other sale people in the showroom or the office.. Why not experiment and be different. The key in sales is to become memorable, and with a luxury watch that not many people know about, you will become unforgettable if you buy the right watch.

What are the best watches for salespeople? Each salesperson has own preference when it comes to luxury watches. Here are the watches which might be a great choice

The watch blog was written by Honza Hroch, the founder of Value Your Watch Marketplace.

The Best Luxury Watches For Successful Sales People

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