The best luxury watches under $2,000


If you would like to get your first luxury watch under $2,000, you are in the right place. I have had many watches, which you can get under this excellent price point. The key is to be on a lookout because some of those deals do not last a long time.

I am going to discuss some OMEGA, Cartier, Bell & Ross, Breitling. All these watch brands have a great selection of watches right under $2,000 if you buy pre-owned.

OMEGA watches Under $2,000

The best luxury watches under 2000

Omega has many great watches at this price point. I have experienced all of then, and I can tell you they are excellent entry-level watches for anyone who would like to get a quality timepiece.

  • Speedmaster Triple Date 3521.30 ($1700)
  • Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50 ($1800)
  • Speedmaster date 3513.50 ($1700)
  • Omega Seamaster Pro 2531.80 ($1800)

All these four watches offer excellent choices for different lifestyles. If you like to have a complicated movement, the Speedmaster Triple Date might be a great choice. You will be able to see the day, the month as well as a second-time zone. The watch might seem a bit busy when you look at it, but the bracelet is very comfortable. The 39mm case size does not seem too small, either.

The Speedmaster Reduced is often mistaken for the moon watch because the dials look very similar at first. The case back does not mention anything about the moon watch. You can see the different case back on the picture below.

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