The Best Watches For A Sunny Day in Hawaii


Living in Hawaii is fantastic. The warm weather for the whole year. Turquoise waters surrounding the island is like living a dream. Anywhere you look, you see incredible scenery; all you need is to have a timepiece on your wrist which makes you feel like it belongs here as well.

There are many watches which belong in the water or don’t mind to be splashed on. Here is a list of watches I like to take for a swim when I decide to get a bit of Hawaiian Sunshine.

Rolex Watches

After having to own several Rolex watches, I have come to like how they feel when I go for a swim. Yes, Rolex is a very iconic watch brand due to amazing marketing. I love the BLNR (Batman). Their combination of the black and blue bezel fits perfectly for the beach.

Another Rolex I like is the classic Rolex Submariner date, which was first introduced in 1954. The design is almost the same as it was before. The significant changes have been made in the watch movement. One of the reasons the watch is so popular is the recognizable design and its popularity.

The Best Watches For A Sunny Day in Hawaii

Rolex Explorer with the polar Dial is also one of my favorite. The white Dial of this discontinued Rolex watch is impressive. The 40 mm case size is perfect, and the red GMT hand gives a high color contrast on the Dial. Some people might argue that this watch is not the best for the ocean; however, I love it as it fits just right to the Hawaiian climate.

Panerai Watches

Panerai makes many great watches, specially designed for diving. The 1950 Panerai cases are great and I love the way they look and feel on my wrist. Some of my favorite watches for the beach are the PAM 24 Submersible (Stainless Steel) and the PAM 25 Submersible (Titanium).

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I enjoy the rotating bezel with more significant markings on in. I’ve had few friends who did not like it, but personally I think it looks amazing. The only difference between the Panerai 24 & Panerai 25 is the material which the case is made of. I prefer titanium due to its weight. I don’t want to feel the massive stainless steel on my wrist. But in the end, both of the variations of the watch are great to take for a swim.

Omega Seamaster Watches

I always like Omega watches, and being able to experience many Omega watches such as the Planet Ocean and Seamaster Pro I feel like a lucky person. All those watches are amazing for diving as well as cruising on the beach. I occasionally take them out for a swim along the shoreline.

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The Best Watches For A Sunny Day in Hawaii 43

What I enjoy about them is the way they look, feel and the quality they are made of.

When I used to wear the Omega Seamaster Pro 300 (Older version with the wave dial), I had both types of movements. Quartz as well as Automatic. The cases are identical, and it’s hard to tell which watch is automatic and which one is the quartz. The difference was the “Chronograph” written on the Dial, however, even the older automatic Omega Seamaster Pro 300 did not have the writing on it. But going back to the watch, I like the way it feels on the wrist. It sits relatively low, and the bracelet is super comfortable. I would call it one of the best watches on a budget. Especially if you can get the watch under $2,000, it’s a steal deal, in my opinion.

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Another great Omega watch for a sunny beach day is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. I had many variations of that watch. The first version of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with the 2500 movement was terrific. I enjoyed the various dial variations, as well as the fact that I could use it not only on the beach but as well as for business meetings. It was an excellent versatile watch, in my opinion. All those watches are amazing and they give you a different feeling when you are wearing them.

When you decide to go for a swim you don’t want to forget to screw the crowns down. I don’t have to tell you the feeling when you realize the mistake. It’s similar to jumping to the pool with your cell phone — not the happiest time.

There are so many great watches you will be able to enjoy at a beach, but these are some few watches I owned and enjoyed.

When the fun is over, it is essential to take care of the watches;  which means we need to take specific steps to make sure that the saltwater does not do any damage.

How to protect your watch after swimming in the ocean?

I like to use a soft toothbrush and with a mild soap. While I clean the watch, I do not unscrew anything an make sure that I get to all the parts of the watch. By using a soft toothbrush, I can get most of the salt away. With the combination of the mild soap and running water, I am pretty sure that the salt does not get a chance to survive.

The Best Watches For A Sunny Day in Hawaii

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