The Best Way To Describe Watches For Sale

1695318614 The Best Way To Describe Watches For Sale

To be able to describe watches, the way people will be able to tell they conditions right away is critical. You do not want to have peoples guessing if there are scratches or dings. There is nothing worst that someone is selling a watch with a description which does not showcase the actual condition of the watch.

To be able to describe the watches, you need to combine several factors to make it more comfortable for the watch buyer to make an educative decision.

  •  Pictures
  •  Video (if can)
  •  Written Description

Think about it this way, what is the best way for you to learn about the condition of the watch you want to buy? Would you like to read about it or you would like to see it on the pictures as well as a video? I would rather see all three to make the right decision.


When you are taking pictures of your watch, you should focus on the details of the watch. The better photos you choose, the fewer questions you will get from the potential buyers. If you are trying to take the right pictures, the best way is to take some watch shot during the natural light. Especially right after sunrise or right before sunset. The light exposure is the best, especially if you have a watch with large crystal such as Panerai. That will help you to get a great shot of the dial.

When you are taking pictures of the watch, make sure you will shoot these pictures to describe the watch condition.

  •      Strait shot on the dial
  •      All four sides of the case
  •      An angle on the crystal
  •      Case back
  •      Buckle shot
  •      Strap or bracelet
  •      How stretched the bracelet is
  •      Additional pictures to showcase the imperfections.

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