The secret reasons that people buy watches from Authorized Dealers

1695297643 The secret reasons that people buy watches from Authorized Dealers

Did you know that buying from authorized dealers have many benefits? Have you ever wonder why some people always get the latest watches that are so hard to get? It’s simple; they have reasons why they are buying from Authorized Dealers. 

After experiencing several Authorized Dealers, I have learned and experienced what people are talking about when it comes to Authorized Dealers. Of course, each of us might have different reasons, but in general, these are some of the most popular reasons why. 

Experience the luxury

By shopping at an Authorized Dealer, you will be able to experience the luxury lifestyle. Trying to wear super expensive watches, sipping champagne, and taking pictures of watches before you put them online to your Facebook or Instagram.

I do not know anybody who does not like to feel important. It’s beneficial when people are caring about you and want to help you to make the right decisions when to come to luxury watches. If you would like to experience the luxury at Authorized Dealer, you can visit one of the Rolex Authorized dealers in your state.

The secret reasons that people buy watches from Authorized Dealers
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Be able to buy at Retail

Buying at Retail is a double-edged sword; as some watches which you want to buy from the authorized dealer, are selling for much less on the secondary watch market.

However, some watches are selling for much more on the secondary market. Of course, you would like to buy only the watches which are selling for much more on the secondary market. That way, if you ever want to sell the watch, you will be able to make some money.

How can you make sure you will be able to get the hard to get watches? You need to build a solid reputation with your authorized dealer.

Building a reputation with Authorized Dealer

When your authorized dealer knows that you will be spending some money with them, they will start treating you even better. To become a part of their VIP list, you will need to spend some money.  

How much money do you need to spend? 

The simple answer is, the more, the better. If you are the person who spends the most money with them, you will become their top client, and they will want you to stay that way.

The other way, you can build an excellent reputation is to refer your friends. The more client you send them, the more money they will make, and without your referral, they will not have that sale. Some dealers even give you credit for the watch, even if the watch was not sold to you.

Experiencing different watches

If you like to feel and experience the watches, before you buy them, you should visit the Authorized Dealer. Buying watches online can potentially save you some money; however, you will not be able to touch and feel the watch. Going to the actual store is one of the most significant benefits.

When you are in the store, you will be able to wear and feel different types of watches. Even if the watch looks the same, the material which is made off might be different. Gold, Stainless Steel, Titanium all those materials will give you a different experience. Not due to its weigh, but the watch will get a different character as well. Yellow and White gold watches might feel the same when it comes to weight; however, the color of the cold might be a deciding factor before you purchase the watch.

Going to the Authorized dealer and experiencing watches is like going to a car dealership. You know what you want, but you are open to experience something else. The only difference is that people who are selling watches are more helpful than most of the car salespeople. 

Buying online from Authorized Dealer

If you did not know, you could buy some of the watches directly from the authorized dealer online. Omega watches and Braitling are one of the first luxury watch brands which provide this service. There are other watch brands, but no other luxury watch brand offers this service yet. My prediction is that some watch brands will try to test if an online store of their watches would be a good move for their sales channel. Especially when more watch brands are talking about buying back their inventory, they might start putting the certified pre-owned watches on their website for sale.

There are many reasons why people like to purchase their luxury watches from authorized dealers. One of the most common reasons is experiencing the luxury and try on the excellent watch selection they have in their store. By building a reputation with the authorized dealer, you will be able to get some of the hottest watches for sale from them when other people are unable to get them. If you never went to a luxury authorized dealer, the time is now.

The watch blog is written by Honza Hroch, the founder of the Value Your Watch marketplace.

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